L-Acoustics U.S. Presents Founding Network Owner Awards

L-Acoustics U.S. recently presented a number of production companies and venues with a special plaque designating them with the status of “Founding Network Owner.” 2/05/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

L-Acoustics U.S. recently presented a number of production companiesand venues with a special plaque designating them with the status of“Founding Network Owner.” This award acknowledges them fortheir significant contributions to the growth, support and use of theV-DOSC loudspeaker system during the past 10 years, as well as forforming the initial backbone of the V-DOSC Network.

Of the 20 awards distributed, 17 production companies were named asrecipients, including ATK AudioTek Corp., Clearwing Productions, DallasBackup, Eighth Day Sound Systems, Fidelity Sound Reinforcement,Hollowood Pro (pictured), Klondike Sound Company, Masque Sound, ProMixElectrotec, ProMix Electrotec NY, Procolor-Mexico, Rat Sound Systems,Rock City Sound, See Factor, Shaped Music, Snow Sound and Special EventServices. Additionally, three permanent installations—FoxwoodsResort & Casino, Mohegan Sun Casino and Wolf Trap—were alsodistinguished with this honor as early V-DOSC devotees.

"I am proud and humbled to bestow upon each of these companies anaccolade that celebrates their vanguard position and renegade spirit,"said L-Acoustics U.S. president Jeffrey Cox. "These were the firstindividuals who were willing to take a risk on Dr. Christian Heil'sforward-thinking loudspeaker design back when it was still consideredheresy. Thanks to them, that design has now been imitated by the massesand, together, we have forever changed the face of live sound. We trulyowe our success to the commitment, investment and hard work of thesefounding owners who were willing to challenge convention and embracechange, and for this we are honored to recognize them."

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