London Club Upgrades With BSS Audio

Dave Parry, technical manager for the London-based club Fabric, has recently upgraded his venue with equipment from BSS Audio. 1/14/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

Dave Parry, technical manager for the London-based club Fabric, hasrecently upgraded his venue with equipment from BSS Audio.

Part of room 1's redesign includes a new DJ booth constructed fromreclaimed timber. Mounted in a rough-hewn custom elm rack flownoverhead, a pair of new BSS FDS-366T Omnidrive Compact Plus units (withWHISEWORKS-Neville Thiele method filters) are called upon to optimizethe high and sub frequencies of the installed line array system.

Parry plans to add further control and sound-mapping capabilities,using the flexibility of BSS Audio's newly released SB2 software(operating on the 366Ts) in conjunction with a tablet PC, which willallow him to manage the speaker system remotely on a wireless LAN. Withan access point in each of the three rooms, the club will be able tomanipulate the system using SB2 in conjunction with the SoundwebDesigner file. This new signal path operates entirely in the digitaldomain, with the FDS-366Ts—fed from the existing Soundweb networkvia an AES digital output card down a multi to the DJbox—managing the house system parameters.

"It's important to keep the audio in the digital domain for as longas possible before converting to analog," commented BSS Audio's RichieRowley. "With the addition of SB2 control and the Thiele tuning, thesound reinforcement system now has wings. The Thiele filter allows theclub to feed in more power without fear of overexcursion, which reducesthe distortion. The highs are much cleaner and lows so muchtighter."

For more information on the gear, visit BSS Audio at For moreinformation about Fabric, visit

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