Maserati Relies on A/V SAN

Mix engineer Tony Maserati has been using a Studio Network Solutions' Fibre Channel-based A/V SAN drive system on sessions with Beyonce Knowles, Christina 4/30/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

Mix engineer Tony Maserati has been using a Studio NetworkSolutions' Fibre Channel-based A/V SAN drive system on sessions withBeyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s Child.

"I transfer files either from CDs or SCSI hotswaps," said Maserati."Whole projects fit on one A/V SAN drive, which allows me to manageeverything completely and easily. On the recent Christina Aguilerasessions, I never once had to think about the drive, which is optimalfor me. No matter what stress I put on the A/V SAN, it simply neverstops working.

"I have my own A/V SAN that I cart around with me from studio tostudio," continued Maserati. "I will not go into a session without it.I don’t have to do anything! I don’t ever have toinitialize or defrag the drives. In fact, I’ve never defraggedthe drives and I’ve had it for a year-and-a-half. It worksflawlessly every single day of the week, and I work a minimum of sixdays a week."

The A/V SAN can deliver 128 tracks of 24-bit/48k audio from a singledrive. Featuring up to 400 MB/s of throughput and concurrent access formulti-users, the unit also allows simultaneous data backup while usingthe drives. The A/V SAN package includes a 1U enclosure, up to fourFibre Channel drives, a Studio Network Solutions' PCI card, custom SNSsoftware and optical cables.

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