Monowave II Released By Soundart, Maddox

Soundart, in partnership with Paul Maddox, announced the release of MonoWave II Version 1.20, the lo-fi monosynth soundskin for Chameleon. With this release, 2/06/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

Soundart, in partnership with Paul Maddox, announced the release ofMonoWave II Version 1.20, the lo-fi monosynth soundskin for Chameleon.With this release, MonoWave II becomes Open Source; Chameleon coderscan join the public project by downloading the code and making theirown modifications.

Maddox took the monosynth DSP code bundled free with the ChameleonSoftware Development Kit and expanded it to create MonoWave II. Manymodifications have been added to turn it into a distinctive virtualanalog monosynth with a number of unique features and modulationcapabilities.

Main features include 5-input mixer, three oscillators, noise andexternal input for filtering; 4-pole 24dB resonating filter with theunique option to "sweep" between 4-pole, bandpass and 1-pole modesseamlessly; three assignable real-time controllers with Show functionto remind users of assignment parameters; full MIDI CC control of everyparameter; 128-patch memory; stereo delay line; two LFOs with 64classic and complex waveforms; three ADSR envelope generators; threeoscillators, each with 256 waveforms and a De-Res function for lo-fisound; and unique routing modulation capabilities such as velocity toOsc waveform, or EG to Resonance, for highly expressive sounds.

The Chameleon is housed in a 1U rack and uses the same Motorola DSPprocessing power. Other features include 2x 24-bit I/O AD/DA convertersand MIDI I/O. End-users load soundskins like MonoWave II via MIDI.

The MonoWave II skin is available now as a free download forChameleon users on the company's Website,

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