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Steve Winwood on stage. NSCA's return to the "other city that never sleeps" - Las Vegas - from March 19-21, 2004, kicked off with an unrivaled, Yamaha/Primedia-sponsored 4/09/2004 8:00 AM Eastern

 SteveWinwood on stage.

NSCA's return to the "other city that never sleeps" - Las Vegas -from March 19-21, 2004, kicked off with an unrivaled,Yamaha/Primedia-sponsored West Penn Contractor Caper, which secured theservices of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Steve Winwood for theExpoJam at the Hilton. Reversing a trend of notorious industryconcerts, the performance provided an impressive showcase for an SLSRLA/3 compact line array system with ribbon HF drivers.

 TheYamaha PM5D

The Yamaha PM5D ( was the big buzz. A 24/96 digital5k, its 48 mono and four stereo inputs all have connectors on thedesk's doghouse side. Outputs include 24 mix (group/aux), two stereo(stereo A and B, or LCR), eight matrix, eight mutes, eight DCAs andeight stereo effects. The standard configuration has manually adjustedmic pre's based on the DM2000, each with balanced TRS inserts and fourstereo line inputs. The RH model has digitally recallable mic pre'sfrom the PM5000, with four stereo inputs that accept mic-level signals.All inputs have 4-band parametric EQ, independent compression andgating, and LCR and surround panning. Twelve graphic EQs can each beassigned to any mix bus or inserted to inputs. The control surface has38 motorized 100mm faders for the two "layers" of 24 mono inputs, plusmasters, stereo returns and eight DCA groups. There's just over amillisecond of latency at 96 kHz. Priced slightly lower than a new 4k,only a couple dozen will be available this June.

In related news, Aviom ( announced itsmini-YGDAI–format cart for Yamaha digital consoles allows audioin Aviom's A-Net" protocol to be distributed via Cat-5 cable from theconsole to Aviom A-16 Personal Mixers; no other input device isrequired.

Cadac ( showed the prototype of itstwo-box digital mixer solution. The D16 is a 3U chassis providing a16x16 matrix of 24/96 digital EQ and dynamics controlled from thecompany's SAM software and is compatible with all of the company'sother consoles. The M16 is the companion 16-channel remote-controllablemic pre.

The LP48 Lake Processor expansion card for Mackie's ( TT24Digital Live Desk can be used as a 4x8 speaker processor with eightbalanced analog outputs or to provide 12 channels of Lake-designedinsert EQ, including Lake Ideal Graphic EQ" and Lake Mesa EQ" withasymmetrical filters. The card can also be split-configured as sixchannels of insert EQ and as a 2x4 speaker processor.

Renkus-Heinz's ( new three-way LA/9 line arraywith a self-powered option offers a co-entrant mid-high waveguide withpath length equalization technology. It is centered between dual-12s,employing 6.5-inch carbon-fiber cones and neodymium HF drivers with a2.5-inch voice coil.

Turbosound's ( new two-box, four-way AspectSeries speaker system employs multicellular HF and MHF horns, or"polyhorns," to create a phase-coherent, curved wavefront andeliminates comb-filtering effects by providing sharply defined coverageangles. The system uses dual HF drivers, a high-mid 10 and dual-10horn-loaded low-mids. The companion low box includes dual horn-loaded15s.

Bag End's ( Minima One self-powered option isan internal 5-pound, 1k-watt, high-efficiency switching amplifier thatruns on all voltages.

Trantec's ( S6000 Wireless MicrophoneSystem, a high-end RF system in London's East End theater district, isoffered in the States by Group One ( Each 2U chassis supports eightreceivers and operates on three 70MHz splits from 590 to 806. Itsextremely compact transmitters provide eight hours from a AA batteryand can be configured via IR from a Palm PDA or the receiver.

Peavey ( introduced the next-generationMediaMatrix called NION ("nee-on"), a 24/96 system in a 2U chassishousing the power of three or six SHARC processors.

DPA's ( new Cardioid Headset micprovides additional gain for louder environments.

Clear-Com ( unveiled its futuristic 600Series party-line single- and dual-channel beltpacks that can be usedwith other manufacturers' intercoms.

SIA Software's ( newest SMAART measurement systemis the SoftRTA bundle that includes a compact, purpose-designed USBpreamp.

StarDraw ( showed a Lite version of its A/Vsoftware for less than half of the price.

Other software releases of note: Klark Teknik/Midas ( ELGAR software for theHeritage 1000, BSS ( SoundBench2 for Windows XP,L-Acoustics ( SoundVision arrayprediction software and TC Electronic ( Reverb 4000, which has 20 newpresets ported from the M5000 and Mac OS X compatibility.

Attendance was up more than 10 percent, at well over 11,000, andthere was 25 percent more booths—good news! Logistics dictated avain attempt to cover 40 rows of booths in just two days; an apology tothose I missed at the Expo. See you next March in Orlando, Fla.

Mark Frink is Mix's sound reinforcement editor.

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