QSC Rigs Up Stiefel Theatre

Resuscitated by generous contributions from the International Fine Arts Conservation Studio (IFACS), the Stiefel Theatre 11/18/2003 7:00 AM Eastern

Resuscitated by generous contributions from the International FineArts Conservation Studio (IFACS), the Stiefel Theatre of the PerformingArts (Salina, Kan.) hosts the Salina Symphony, as well as local andnational theatrical productions, who are amplified through eight ISASeries amplifiers from QSC.

Upgrading the house audio system was handled by Lawrence, Ks-basedMSM Systems. Based around a four-way, tri-amped loudspeaker design, therig features DSP processing and a wireless input scheme. Housed in asingle rack in the main equipment room, the ISA Series amps supportingthe system include four ISA 750s and four ISA 450s. “In and ofitself, the Stiefel is nice-sounding acoustically,” saidMSM’s Ken Clasen. “The house audio system complements theenvironment with a very rich and full sound of its own. Offering us thesame QSC quality as found in the company’s CX Series amplifiers,the ISA amps provide clean, transparent power for the four-way rig at agreat price. Value doesn’t have to mean ‘cheap,’ andevery ISA component is working proof of just that.”

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In other QSC news, the Metropolis club (Fremantle, Australia) hasenjoyed a high profile in this city, and during the past few years, ithas been undergoing a major redesign project. Managing director MarioMadaffari is overseeing the project.

The club is designed around the concept of creating five separate“chambers,” representing the elements of fire, Earth, air,water and metal. The most recent space to benefit from the redesign isChamber 5, or air. C5 features the club’s primary dance floorsystem, as well as the Art Bar and Blue Bar. It also boasts the fullyrestored traditional upper balcony.

Madaffari brought in Technical Audio Group’s (TAG) technicaldirector Anthony Russo to oversee the system design of C5 and created asystem based around Martin Audio enclosures powered by QSCamplification.

A series of specially designed acoustic “clouds” andwall panels were installed to control reverberation in the room. Thesound system is based on two Martin Audio W3 and six EM56 cabinets,with two Blackline S15 subwoofers. The W3s are located at left andright front of house, while the EM56s are strategically placed aroundthe dance floor. The subs are installed under the stage.

QSC PLX and CX Series amplifiers power the system. The bi-amped W3cabs run on PLX 1202 amps for the mid high region, with PLX 1602s forthe bottom end. Another PLX 1602, running in Bridged mode, powers thesubs. Four-channel CX 254s drive the EM56 surrounds. The QSControlsoftware affords the system the flexibility to configure the EM56speakers as either FOH or dance floor surround, or to run both modessimultaneously.

Now that C5’s redesign is complete, the TAG crew has turnedtheir sights to the other chambers within the club. Chamber 2, Earth,is next slated for a reworking, with plans to include a cocktailchill-out space and more intimate ambience.

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