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Sound developer Spectrasonics introduced its Groove Control Virtual Instrument -- Stylus Vinyl Groove Module. Stylus is a new type of software plug-in 6/05/2002 8:00 AM Eastern

Sound developer Spectrasonics introduced its Groove Control VirtualInstrument -- Stylus Vinyl Groove Module.

Stylus is a new type of software plug-in instrument that integratesa massive core library of thousands of groove elements, loops andsamples with a powerful user interface to create original grooves.Stylus can be used as a native plug-in instrument in hosts like Logic,Digital Performer, Cubase VST, Nuendo and Pro Tools; no sampler isnecessary.

Stylus features include:

  • A massive core library of nearly 3 gigabytes

  • All-new remix groove library created by acclaimed producer EricPersing

  • Over 1,000 turntable tricks, skips, stops, beat-juggling and scratchFX

  • Over 100 live percussion loops can be added to any groove

  • Elastic tempo, pitch, pattern and feel with Groove Control

  • Real-time groove jamming at any tempo with Groove menus

  • Built-in Groove auditioning system and near-instantaneous loadtimes

  • A drum sample library featuring thousands of samples

  • Easy to use, built-in patch-management system

  • Sample-accurate timing

  • Fully programmable

  • Total recall with sequence

  • Multimode resonant filters for each sample, plus master filters

  • Three envelopes for pitch, filter and amplitude

  • Matrix-style modulation routing, two LFOs

  • Independent parameter control of each sample

  • Powered by custom 32-bit UVI engine

  • Cross platform and plug-in compatibility

Price: $299 MAS, RTAS and VST.

System recommendations: 192MB RAM, 3GB free hard disk space. MAC: OS8 or higher, 300MHz G3 or better CPU, and MAS, RTAS or VST 2.0 host.PC: Windows 98, 300MHz Pentium or better CPU, sound card and VST 2.0host.

For more information, visit Spectrasonics at

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