SPL Launches GainStation 8 Preamp

SPL announced the availability of the GainStation preamplifier in an 8-channel version. 1/02/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

SPL announced the availability of the GainStation preamplifier in an8-channel version. Each channel of the GainStation 8 provides anindependent solid-state preamplifier with 63 dB of gain and a tubepreamplifier stage with 26 dB of gain in a studio-standard,2U/19-inch-rack format.

In addition to its fully discrete Class-A design, the GainStation 8runs on a 60-volt rail, effectively doubling its power supply andthereby achieving a130dB dynamic range. The 8-channel GainStationpreamp also includes a frequency range of 1 Hz to 310 kHz (+/- 3 dB),an S/N ratio of -95.4 dBu and a maximum output level of +34 dBu. Eachchannel offers peak and FET limiters, a choice of three impedances forprecise microphone input matching, 48V phantom power, phase reverse,highpass filters (50 Hz) and source switching.

“The GainStation 8 offers new aural perspectives and panoramathrough the exquisite and unsurpassed sonic qualities of high-endanalog technique, particularly to DAW-based studios,” commentedSPL engineer Ruben Tilgner. “Because of the superior initialsignal quality, post-recording processing time is significantly lowerin comparison to standard preamps.”

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