SPL Runt Demonstration

Sound Physics Labs will host a loudspeaker demonstration of its new “Runt” at NSCA 2004, booth #2329. 3/18/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

Sound Physics Labs will host a loudspeaker demonstration of its new“Runt” at NSCA 2004, booth #2329.

The SPL-Runt is the latest loudspeaker innovation from SPL’ssound engineer/designer Thomas Danley. Half the size of itspredecessor, the SPL-td1, the Runt was originally conceived anddesigned for down- and sidefill applications, but can handle a numberof diverse tasks. Without tweaking or processing, the Runt can be usedas the main P.A. for modestly sized installed or live sound venues, oras near-field monitors, sidefills or just set on top of a pole. Whetherplaced on its side or upright, the Runt's boundary-compliant designbased upon Sound Physics Labs' Unity Summation Aperture allows the unitto be used directly on a physical boundary without "self-interference."This results in a significant improvement in gain before feedback whenused in boundary-compliant situations. With excellent pattern control,the SPL-Runt delivers fully intelligible sound or clear and articulateconcert level music even in "poor" acoustic environments.

The cabinet houses two 8-inch-high excursion drivers and a 1-inchhigh-frequency compression driver, all driving a common Baltic Birchhorn in a patented Unity Summation Aperture configuration. Sensitivityis 91 dB SPL @ 2.8W/1 m. The SPL-Runt boasts a frequency response of 65to 20k Hz +/-3 dB, handles 400 watts of continuous power with a 90x55(HxV) coverage pattern.

Weighing 65 pounds, the SPL-Runt measures 24x14x13 (HxDxW) inchesand is constructed of 13-ply Baltic Birch on a 30-degree trapezoidangle with two NLA connectors. Fittings include pole cup and twohandles. Standard finish is either a black or white-catalyzed Line-Xtexture coat.

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