TL Audio Adds to Ivory Series

The latest addition to TL Audio’s Ivory 2 Series is the 5000 Valve Condenser Microphone and Preamp, which starts shipping this September. 7/31/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

The latest addition to TL Audio’s Ivory 2 Series is the 5000Valve Condenser Microphone and Preamp, which starts shipping thisSeptember.

The microphone comes with its own matched power supply and preampunit; boasts a 1-inch, dual gold diaphragm; and offers nine variablepatterns, including omni, cardioid and figure-8, along with sixintermediate stages. Both low-cut filter and 10dB pad switches are alsoprovided on the microphone, and an elastic suspension mount and foamwindshield are supplied as standard.

The 5000 microphone comes with TL Audio’s matching powersupply and preamp, which allow users to benefit from a first-class,discrete mic preamp stage. The power supply’s output includes theheater and 200-volt DC supply for the microphone’s internal 12AT7triode valve, while the preamp stage offers control of input and outputgain, phase reverse and output level metering. The preamp provides abalanced line-level output on XLR, although this output can also beswitched to bypass the preamp stage.

A separate monitor output is provided on 1/4-inch jack, and theoptional DO-2 digital output card can be fitted, providing a 24-bitS/PDIF output switchable between 44.1 and 48 kHz, along with anexternal wordclock input. "Link In" and "Link Out" sockets on thepreamp allow a stereo pair of mics to be set up and outputted digitallyon a single DO-2 card.

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