Violet Audio UPM88

Violet Audio announces its new digitally controlled audio patch matrix, UPM88 ($2,095), which features state-of-the-art software and hardware 1/20/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

Violet Audio announces its new digitally controlled audio patchmatrix, UPM88 ($2,095), which features state-of-the-art software andhardware geared toward small, medium and large-scale audio routingenvironments.

With an absolutely pure audio signal path, remote-controlled (USB)routing configuration features and easy front panel operation, theUPM88 can be used for complex studio matrix design or a modest patchingsolution for smaller setups. The user's pure-analog audio patchingsystem can be built and controlled from either a simple matrix frontpanel switch matrix or via the onscreen computer software matrix GUIvia USB connection.

All audio routing through the UPM88 is handled using high-qualityanalog devices multiplexer chips. The audio signal never leaves theanalog domain, is not amplified or driven in any way, and therefore,there is no loss of quality. Other features include eight inputs/eightoutputs, system link connector pins (max 2x units), XLR balancedconnections and RTAS plug-in remote control (under development).

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