World Class Audio Installs New Loudspeakers

World Class Audio Inc. (Anaheim, Calif.), a recording facility owned by engineer Shawn Sullivan, has recently outfitted the studio with some of the highest-quality 9/25/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

World Class Audio Inc. (Anaheim, Calif.), a recording facility ownedby engineer Shawn Sullivan, has recently outfitted the studio with someof the highest-quality analog and digital recording and mixingequipment, including a pair of ATC SCM20 Pro self-powered, portablereference monitor speakers.

According to Sullivan, "I pulled [the ATC speakers] out of the boxand basically started working on them 12 hours a day. My mixes wereinstantly better. I've been using them every single day.

"They're extremely revealing monitors," Sullivan continued. "I don'thave to second-guess anything. Everything is dead-on. They have steppedup what I do. I don't have to hype the mix: It's reality. So far,everything has been absolutely spot-on."

Sullivan recently employed the speakers on a mixing project forartist Zayra." I did a one-pass vocal ride with the A&R guy sittingbehind me. I handed the disc to him and he said, 'That's it? Aren't yougoing to listen to it on anything else?' I said I don't need to. Hewent home and listened to it on six different systems and could notfind one fault with it."

Sullivan has also used the loudspeakers on a band namedGreenwich.

World Class Audio features a Chris Pelonis-designed control room."It's one of the top studios in Orange County," Sullivan said."Everything we do is straight into Pro Tools. We've got an expandedProControl and quite a bit of outboard gear, with a nice-sized trackingroom and iso booth. I'm all about analog outboard gear. I got tired ofblowing money on plug-ins, so I have all Class-A, top-of-the-line,killer outboard gear."

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