TalkBack | Letters to Mix, March 2010

By Mix Staff | Feb 24, 2010

I mixed my solo CD, Dedication at home. I decided to accept a ddrop in the quality of the end result and have a finished mix that was exactly what I wanted to hear.

TalkBack | Letters to Mix, January 2010

By Mix Staff | Jan 01, 2010

Another Les Paul Memory In the August and September editions of the MixLine e-newsletter, we asked readers if they have a Les Paul memory or a great photo

TalkBack | Letters to Mix, November 2009

By Mix Staff | Nov 01, 2009

Bob and Sarah Heil on Les Paul Les and I share adjoining displays in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland. I have seen and met him throughout

TalkBack | Letters to Mix, October 2009

By Mix Staff | Oct 01, 2009

Steve Miller on Les Paul I've known Les for 61 of my 65 years. He has always been present in my life, always there. He showed me how to hold a guitar

TalkBack | Letters to Mix, September 2009

By Mix Staff | Sep 01, 2009

Point of Origin I am a jazz artist/producer/musician and I wanted to let you know a few facts about your article On the Cover: Memphis Meets Music City

A/B Tracks

By Mix Staff | Jun 09, 2009

In Mix's May 2009 issue, we asked readers to tell us how they listen and A/B their tracks to get the most translatable recordings.


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