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Deep Purple Tour Profile

As Deep Purple travels through Germany and France, we spoke with FOH engineer Gert Sanner about the tour. 3/01/2011 4:00 AM Eastern

Some of the members of Deep Purple, from left: bassist Roger Glover, vocalist Ian Gillian and guitarist Steve Morse

As Deep Purple travels through Germany and France, we spoke with FOH engineer Gert Sanner about the tour.

How long have you been mixing for Deep Purple?
I have been mixing Deep Purple for five years now. I was the system engineer before and was asked to take over when the previous engineer had other commitments.

Why did you choose the Soundcraft Vi1 for this tour?
I choose a Vi console because I like them a lot. The Vi1 is a full Vi with less features than the bigger Vi6, so I wanted to see how it would cope with my show. It did great and is now a fully accepted desk for Deep Purple. It was important to find out how compatible the boards are. We found a few little things that one has to know, but I came up with a show file that will work on any Vi console.

Do you have a specific mixing technique for this band?
Yes, keep it simple. They are a great band and fun to mix: 26 inputs; give me gates, three compressors and four effects—that’s it!

What excites you about the new Soundcraft compact stagebox?
The new Stagebox is just big enough for my gig that I can take it on a plane as excess baggage. That includes the Multicore. So it’s very compact without being a compromise. You can also use it on a big Vi to make use of your 96 channels without buying another big Stagerack. It’s a very versatile tool.

Where can we find you when you’re not on the road?
I live in Birmingham, UK, but also often go to Germany to see the family. I like my work as a system tech, so quite often I can be found with lots of boxes and dirty fingers. It is a good way to stay in touch with people and new equipment. Apart from that, I like cooking and photography. I tend not to travel unless I have to—the sofa is just fine!

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