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Godsmack Sound Company: Showco FOH Engineer/Console: Tony Pieras/Showconsole 9/01/2003 8:00 AM Eastern


Sound Company: Showco

FOH Engineer/Console: Tony Pieras/Showconsole

Monitor Engineer/Console: Frank Sgambelone/Showconsole

P.A./Amps: Showco Prism System/Crown amps

Monitors: Showco SRMs

Key Outboard Gear: TC Electronic M-One, D-Two, Triple-C andVoice Prism

Selected Mics: Sennheiser E 602, E 604, E 609 Silver, E 664,EW 565

Gladys Knight at the Flamingo,Las Vegas

Sound Company: Promix Electrotec

FOH Engineer/Console: Michael Martin/Yamaha PM4000

Monitor Engineer/Console: Elliott Peters/Midas Heritage3000

Monitor Tech: John W. Wrote

P.A./Amps: Meyer MS14s, SB650 subs/Crest amps

Monitors: L-Acoustics ARCS and 115FMs, headsets

Key Outboard Gear: BSS DPR-901 II, Yamaha SPX-990, SummitTLA-100, Lexicon PCM80

Selected Mics: Shure WH30 wireless/headsets, Shure SM98, 91,81, 57, KSM32, 57

Joe Jackson

Mix covered Jackson's tour when he played San Francisco'sFillmore; gear listed here was for the Fillmore date. Read a full“Tour Profile” at

FOH Engineer/Console: George Cowan/Crest X-VCA

Monitor Engineer/Console: Al King/Midas Venice 320

P.A./Amps: Meyer M3D arrays (self-powered), Meyer DF4 andCQ-2

Monitors: Future Sonics in-ears

Key Outboard Gear: TC Electronic D-Two (vocals), Smaartroom-analysis system

Selected Mics: Neumann KMS 105 (lead vocal)

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