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Martina McBride John and Martina McBride started dating in April 1987, married a year later and landed in Nashville in 1990. 2/01/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

Martina McBride

John and Martina McBride started dating in April 1987, married ayear later and landed in Nashville in 1990. Shortly thereafter, Martinabegan cranking out the hits and John struck gold in the soundreinforcement business. On tour and in the studio, Martina stands byher man when it comes to her sound.

Who is easier to get along with: John McBride husband or JohnMcBride audio engineer?
Martina: He really is easy to get along with no matter whatrole he's filling. Knowing that he cares so much about me and that heis a perfectionist about audio really puts my mind at ease onstage. Ialways say he's my “secret weapon.”

Care to respond to that, John?
John: Regardless of whether we're on tour or in the studio,when I step behind the console and have to mix for her, she's fantasticbecause she sings right into the microphone. Around our house, youdon't sing into the mic, that's grounds for divorce!

What mic do you have her singing into these days live?
John: I've tried six to eight different vocal mics on Martina,and every time, it all comes back around to a hardwired SM58. That'sthe best thing I've ever heard her on. That's not to say we don't usewireless, however. On tour, we go with Shure UHF as needed —using a transmitter with a 58 capsule — and we also latched ontothe Beta 54 headset recently. It's the finest headset mic I have everheard. Tonally, it is magnificent, it has great quality and I reallylike the hypercardioid pattern. I've never had to use external outboardEQ with it.

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