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Tour Log: Mastodon

Read Mix Spotlight on Mastodon 2008 Tour With Touring Engineer Lewis Lovely 9/01/2008 8:00 AM Eastern

Engineer Lewis Lovely
Photos: Dave Vann

Rockers Mastodon recently held a sought-after headlining spot at this year's Bonnaroo festival, where Mix caught up with front-of-house engineer/tour manager Lewis Lovely. If you didn't make it to the festival, check out our online photo gallery available at; you can also check out a 30-minute Webcast of Mastodon's performance at

How much gear are you carrying on this tour?

We are carrying backline and a mic package. The boys are in the middle of recording their new record with Brendan O'Brien and are really concentrating on that right now.

Do you have a specific mixing style for the band?

I try not to make any one thing the predominant ingredient in a mix. You always run across engineers who think kick drum and vocals are all you need to hear. I want to comfortably hear any of the little nuances Mastodon has written in their songs.

Mastodon Performing Live

Mastodon Performing Live
Photos: Dave Vann

What is the most difficult portion of your job for this tour?

As tour manager and front-of-house engineer, I have the wonderful job of taking care of their daily lives. They are a true trouble-rousing rock 'n' roll band, so press is always fun to schedule.

Where can we find you when you're not on tour?

Brooklyn, yo, with my wife, BB!

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