By CHRIS GILL | Jan 01, 2001

Moonshine Overamerica COULD 30,000 KIDS BE WRONG? Back in 1997, Moonshine Music president Steve Levy noticed that the DJs and artists on his label were

PAPA ROACH The Infestation Continues

By BLAIR JACKSON | Jan 01, 2001

Surely one of the great success stories of the past year has been the steady and impressive rise of Papa Roach, the hard-rocking alt metal/rap band from

Up In Smoke

By ROBERT HANSON | Dec 01, 2000

TOUR PROFILE Hip hop's dominance of the airwaves and charts has completely revolutionized the sound of popular music. But the genre, especially in its


By TOM KENNY | Nov 01, 2000

'N Sync - No Strings Attached Not many acts can fill a stadium these days. It seems that unless the Rolling Stones or U2 head out, or three or more headliners


By Gregory A. DeTogne | Aug 01, 2000

When Slipknot first em-erged from Middle America in 1998, the press had a field day with the fact that its nine bandmembers, with their surreal rubber

Tour Profile: Mariah Carey

By Maureen Droney | Jun 01, 2000

The biggest-selling female artist of the '90s is Mariah Carey, and she closed out the record-breaking decade with both her ninth release and her first


By David John Farinella | Dec 01, 1999

It's been a tough couple of years for Metallica fans. First they weather the hair-cutting controversy, fret over the acoustic leanings found on Load and


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