MOTU Announces the Monitor 8

Comprehensive Monitoring for Studio and Stage

photo of MOTU Monitor 8


MOTU is now shipping Monitor 8 ($995), a 24x16x8 monitor mixer, 6-channel headphone amplifier and USB/AVB audio interface with console-style 48-channel mixing and DSP effects. Promising exceptional analog audio quality based on the award-winning design of MOTU's groundbreaking 1248, 8M and 16A AVB interfaces, Monitor 8 can serve as a primary audio interface and monitor mixer in the studio, as a complete monitoring solution for live performance, or as a dedicated monitoring component of a MOTU AVB audio network system.


Monitor 8 operates without a computer as a stand-alone mixer and headphone amp, but it can also function as a universally compatible AVB or USB 2 audio interface that is USB 3 and iOS compatible.


Users can create multiple mixes from a variety of inputs, including 8 channels of high-quality balanced (TRS) analog, 16 channels (two banks) of ADAT optical, 32 channels of audio streamed from other MOTU interfaces on a connected AVB audio network (if present), and host software audio channels coming from the computer over USB or AVB Ethernet.


photo of MOTU Monitor 8


All of these inputs can be mixed to eight stereo output groups: Main, Aux and monitor groups A through F. XLR Main Outs and balanced ¼-inch Aux Outs can feed primary and secondary studio monitors or P.A. speakers. Users can then set up six additional, independent monitor groups, each with multiple mirrored outputs that include two sets of ¼-inch headphone outs (front and rear panel), a summed ¼-inch mono output, and, on groups A through D, balanced stereo ¼-inch outs. All told, monitor mixes can be sent to 12 sets of headphones, six stage monitors, four stereo in-ear modules (or other stereo line level destinations) and two sets of powered speakers.


Powerful DSP delivers large console style mixing with 48 channels, 12 stereo buses, and 32-bit floating point effects processing, including modeled analog EQ, vintage compression and classic reverb. For stand-alone mixing, users can control Monitor 8 over Wi-Fi from Web app software running in a Web browser on an iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphone and laptop—or several devices simultaneously for multi-user control of the Monitor 8's multiple mix busses.


Users can mix and match Monitor 8 with MOTU's other AVB interfaces, with complementary I/O configurations, to build a customized, state-of-the-art AVB audio network system.


Find complete information about MOTU's Monitor 8 from MOTU's Website

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