Crowley & Tripp New Microphones

From left: Studio Vocalist, Soundstage and Proscenium

Crowley & Tripp will unveil four new microphones at AES (booth #1066): Studio Vocalist, Proscenium, Soundstage Image and SPLx Custom.

The Studio Vocalist ($1,395) is a full-size, figure-eight ribbon microphone designed for recording vocals. The mic features a high output, enhanced proximity effect and a symmetric frequency response that minimizes off-axis coloration.

Designed for classical music recording, the Proscenium ($1,485) offers a vintage-style warmness with modern design qualities and increased efficiency. As a result, using the Proscenium for recording flute, woodwinds and strings provides increased body.

Designed for radio broadcast, soundstage and orchestral applications, the figure-eight Soundstage Image ($1,395) offers a natural frequency response, high output and stereo imaging when used in distant-pair applications.

The SPLx Custom is tailored to user-defined characteristics. Having assessed an individual user's needs in the studio or onstage, Crowley and Tripp will design a ribbon microphone that will suit that user's voice, instrument, amplifier or performance space. Custom characteristics include a tailored frequency response curve, extreme SPL handling, bass boost or an asymmetric frequency response. The SPLx Custom starts at $1,595, and generally takes two weeks to manufacture from date of order.

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