Crime Scene Audio

Sep 1, 2002, By James Careless

Clean, clear audio: It's central to the success of CBS' hit series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Without clear audio, the complex CSI plot line would...

Foley Goes to Sea

Aug 1, 2002, By Michael Axinn

The sonar ping of a submarine is something of a staple in the annals of film sound, one that any filmgoer can summon on command from the collective memory...


Jul 1, 2002, by Blair Jackson

With just three major films under his belt, director Christopher Nolan has already proven to be a true master of complex, psychological dramas. First...

Minority Report

Jul 1, 2002, by Michael Axinn

After working on five Steven Spielberg films, three of which have garnered Academy Awards for sound effects editing, sound designer Gary Rydstrom and...

Men In Black 2

Jul 1, 2002, by Blair Jackson

Fourth of July weekend. It's hot dogs and parades, flags and fireworks, and more often than not in recent years, the opening of a new movie starring Will...

Scooby Doo

Jul 1, 2002, by Maureen Droney

Scooby Doo supervising sound editor Michael Wilhoit seems like a pretty normal guy. Still, you have to figure that to work on this kind of wacky, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink...

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Jun 1, 2002, Larry Blake

Other films may have bigger budgets, bigger stars. They may even have bigger opening weekends. But no film series has gripped the imagination of moviegoers worldwide, decade after decade, like George Lucas’s Star Wars, which accounts for four of the 13 most popular films of all time....



The Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE; held its 49th Annual Golden Reel Awards, honoring outstanding achievements in sound and music editorial...

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