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Matt Gallagher

Matt Gallagher is the Managing Editor of Drum magazine. Matt worked as an Assistant Editor at Mix magazine from February 2006 (the April 2006 issue) through October 2016 (the November 2016 issue). While at Mix, Matt oversaw Mix's Live Sound and Current sections, as well as the weekly MixLine and MixLine Live e-newsletters, and provided general assistance for the entire print magazine and Website. Prior to joining Mix magazine in February 2006, Matt was on the editorial staffs of Electronic Musician, Onstage, Remix, Music Education Technology, Desktop Music Production Guide, Digital Piano Buyer's Guide, and Music & Computers magazines. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English/American Studies from UCLA. He is also a part-time drummer in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a drummer he has worked with Calle 49, Z'Amico, Mondo Loko, The Grooveloz, Sarava Zamba, La Peña Cultural Center's Latin-Jazz Ensemble, Lau Paiva, Priscilla Rice, Sherie Julianne, and Blind Lemon Phillips, among others.

Vanessa Carlton’s Rabbits on the Run

Vanessa Carlton describes Rabbits on the Run as “the most clear-minded and pure reflection of my sense of music that I’ve ever been able to achieve." ......

Music: Jason LaRocca Mixes, Masters Mark Isham's Score for 'The Mechanic'

Composer Mark Isham kick-started his new record label, MIM, with an adrenaline-charged film score for the 2011 movie The Mechanic. Isham tapped veteran engineer Jason LaRocca to mix and master the composer’s hybrid creation comprising elements of rock, electronic and orchestral music. “The [original 1972] score was a jazzy, small orchestral ensemble score,” LaRocca explains, “and very different......