Fantasy Studios Hosts Wes Maebe, DynPEQ

By Mix Staff ,

There is a cool plug-in out there that doesn’t get quite the attention it deserves, the Wholegrain Digital Systems DynPEQ, which integrates parametric equalization with dynamics processing into the company’s Trio and Quartet family of products. The brainchild of Duane Wise, DynPEQ has been many years in development, and now release, largely under the radar. But following NAMM, Wise hit some key L.A. studios, including the Village, and then stopped up in the Bay Area at Fantasy, where British producer/engineer Wes Maebe took members of the local AES section through a hands-on demo of his own tracks.

In the famed Fantasy Studio D, Jessica Livingston, Bruce Poropat, Wes Maebe, Duane Wise, Mindy Canter and Stephen Hart

CLICK HERE for the overview. And be sure to click through the videos. It’s not an easy product to master, but it’s not that hard to get going, You won’t be disappointed.

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