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New releases from Steinberg, Audio-Technica, PreSonus and more!
By Kevin Becka ,

Affordable Preamps With Vintage Sound

The Heritage Audio Elite Series includes the HA-73EQ ($649), which combines a mic preamp and an equalizer, HA-73 single mic preamp ($899) and HA-73X2 ($1,199), the dual-channel version. Common features include Carnhill transformers, a 1 RU format, and an external universal power supply. The HA-73 and X2 offer 80 dB of gain, three-stage class A preamp, 20dB pad, LoZ switch, and an 80Hz HPF. The HA-73EQ features the same preamp but adds an EQ with a high-frequency shelf at 12 kHz, selectable mid-band and Selectable low-frequency shelf.

iPad Mic Stand Mount

The Smart Bracket iPad Music Stand Mount from American Recorder ($119.95) features a heavy-duty, all-metal clamp and adjustable arm for mounting an iPad to any microphone stand. The robust clamp grips both iPad Mini, Air and Pro, as well as other brands of tablets. In addition to recording applications, the mount makes any situation requiring an iPad and microphone easier, including a copy or lyric stand onstage or in the broadcast studio.

iPad-based DAW with Waves Processors

Cubasis ($49.99 new, free upgrade) is Steinberg’s sequencer app that features the same look and feel, as well as project compatibility for easy import to Cubase. An iPad-based DAW, Cubasis provides all the required tools to arrange, mix and edit music productions, including many effects and hundreds of instrument sounds. The latest version features Waves’ AudioTrack Channel Strip, the L1 Ultramaximizer and Q10 Equalizer as inapp purchases exclusively available to Cubasis. Cubasis 2.3 now supports Audio Unit automation, allowing users to automate parameter changes of AU instruments and effects.

500-Series Front End Designed by Paul Wolff

Designed by Paul Wolff in conjunction with Lindell Audio, the WL-3 ($1,199) features a transformer-coupled microphone and line input, transformer-coupled output and a 60mm fader for the output section. Also onboard is a compressor, 3-band EQ, an 80Hz highpass filter, polarity reverse and switchable 48V phantom power. The EQ features high 10kHz cut/boost ±10 dB, sweepable mid-band 900Hz (-5kHz ±10 dB), and low 100Hz cut/boost ±10 dB. The VCAbased compressor offers threshold, auto-makeup gain, gain, feedback/feed-forward jumper, and fast/slow attack jumper.

Hardware Unit With Saturation Circuits

The Synergy R1 Digital Reverb from Audified ($1,399) features three saturation circuits and seven algorithmic reverbs, with plug-in control of the hardware. The R1 uses quality 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, 32-bit floating point DSP, and a true bypass function. The DSP offers seven unique high-end reverb algorithms, including Room, Tunnel, Hall, Long Hall, Spring and Plate. Controls include predelay, decay and color. You can control the analog gain and the wet/dry ratio from a connected computer.

Front-Programmable Desktop Unit

New from the Bittree ProStudio series of affordable audio patchbays, the front-programmable ProStudio 9625F ($1,125) features a 1.5RU rackmount form factor with 96 TT (bantam) connectors in a high-density 2x48 configuration, with 12 DB-25 rear connectors for interfacing with Avid Pro Tools and Tascam gear. The PS9625F features a sturdy metal front panel and durable full-frame jacks with gold cross-bar switching contacts. Professional-grade, front-accessible shunts enable easy reconfiguration of circuit normaling, grounding and busing, and are protected from dust, electrical interference and other elements.

Cost-Saving, Pro-Level Treatment

Acoustic Geometry has launched Pro Room Packs, a group of acoustical products delivering professional-level performance at four price points. Available as Pro Room Packs 6 ($3,461.76), 8 ($4,529.30), 10 ($5,759.25), and 12 ($6,415.22), the packs include Fabric-Wrapped Panels and Ceiling Clouds (absorbers), Curve Diffusors, CornerSorbers, and all mounting hardware. Colors range from the most popular, onyx and birch, to unique color textures such as beach glass and sandy pebble.

Classic Modeled Reverb Plug-In

The HD•Cart from Reverb Foundry ($199) models an extremely rare expansion cartridge for a legendary classic studio hardware reverb. The plug-in’s features include controls for wet/dry, reverb time, treble decay, frequency, recirculation, and front/rear. The modeled HD and surround expansion cartridge contains features of the hardware unit’s dual-board processing capabilities. It is capable of being used in quadraphonic, 5.0 surround or high-density stereo reverb modes, resulting in dense, rich audio, unlike any other reverb processor.

Three Versatile AVBModels

The StudioLive Series III rack mixers from PreSonus can serve as simple AVB stage boxes, combination stage boxes and monitor mixers, or powerful standalone mixers. The third-generation StudioLive 32R ($1,399.95) and StudioLive 24R ($1,099.95) fit in just two rackspaces, while the StudioLive 16R ($799.95) squeezes into one rackspace. All three models are fully recallable, including remote-controlled XMAX preamps. The two larger models each have 26 mix buses, including 16 FlexMixes, 4 dedicated subgroups, 4 internal effects buses/processors, and the stereo main mix bus. The StudioLive 16R has 6 FlexMixes, 2 effects buses and the stereo main bus. The StudioLive 32R and 24R have 24 Filter DCAs for easily controlling groups of channels; the smaller rack mixer offers 8 Filter DCAs.

Remote Monitoring and Control of Dante Devices

The STcontroller application from Studio Technologies (free download) allows remote monitoring and control of microphone input functions on selected Studio Technologies Dante-compatible devices. STcontroller is compatible with personal computers running several versions of the Windows operating system. Upon executing, STcontroller automatically identifies compatible devices on the Dante network. The device names will be displayed, then the user can select and control the desired units. Support includes the Model 214, 215 and 216 Announcer’s Consoles, the Model 5205 Mic/Line to Dante Interface, and the Model 5414 Mic/Line Input and Line Output Interface.

Spectrum-Efficient Solution Offers 31 Channels

Offered as a solution to the 2016 FCC Incentive Auction’s repack of the broadcast spectrum, the Audio-Technica 6000 Series’ channels are spaced at 125kHz intervals and can all be used simultaneously. The system operates in the 944- to 952MHz band and consists of the the ATW-R6200 receiver ($2,999), the ATW-T6001 body-pack transmitter ($1,299), an optional ATW-DA410 antenna distribution system ($4,349), and some compatible Audio-Technica lavalier and headworn microphones. Key features include high-performance filtering to remove external noise; clear, easy-to-read displays; transmitter frequency setup from the receiver via IR sync; network monitor and control; durable, compact body-pack transmitter design; and a highly reliable new miniature input connector.

Next-Gen 1.9GHz DECT Band Comms

The Riedel Bolero ($Per Configuration) runs over a standards-based AES67 IP network and features integrated Bluetooth technology for wireless headsets or use as a phone hybrid. The beltpack itself features six buttons for six intercom channels or point to point communications, plus a separate Reply button. Bolero’s sunlight-readable and dimmable display can be inverted to any orientation. The beltpack can be used without a headset like a walkie-talkie radio, utilizing an integrated mic and speaker. Also onboard is an efficient voice codec, extended battery life, plus re-programmable FPGA to handle inevitable network changes.

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