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November 1, 1999

November 1, 1999 Technology Apogee PSX-100: TWO CHANNEL 24-BIT/96KHZ CONVERTER Crane Song Trakker: ANALOG CLASS A COMPRESSOR/LIMITER Pendulum Audio OCL-2: OPTICAL COMPRESSOR RODE NTV:...


October 1, 1999

October 1, 1999 Technology Tascam MX 24-24: Disk-Based 24-Track Recorder/Editor Alesis M1 Lab Analysis: Alesis M1 Summit Audio MPE-200: ELEMENT 78 SERIES MIC PREAMP/EQUALIZER...


September 1, 1999

September 1, 1999 Technology Digidesign Pro Tools 5.0 Tannoy PS 110-B POWERED STUDIO SUBWOOFER AudioControl Industrial MP-200: MEASUREMENT PREAMPLIFIER Westlake Audio Lc3w12 Snapshot Product...


August 1, 1999

August 1, 1999 Technology Browsing With mSoft: ServerSound Brings Intranets to Audio Production HHB Circle 5A: POWERED NEAR-FIELD STUDIO MONITORS Soundscape Mixtreme: MULTICHANNEL PCI...


July 1, 1999

July 1, 1999 Technology AlterMedia Studio Suite 4.0: STUDIO MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Alesis MasterLink ML-9600: 24-bit/96kHz Hard Disk/CD-R Mastering Recorder Digidesign Pro Tools|24 Mix: CROSS-PLATFORM...


June 1, 1999

June 1, 1999 Technology Audio-Technica AT895: DSP-Controlled, Adaptive-Array System Microphones RPG Diffusor Systems Room Optimizer: STUDIO SPEAKER PLACEMENT SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS Apocalypse Now from...


May 1, 1999

May 1, 1999 Technology Mackie Pro Touring Speakers: The Mixer Company Gets Serious About Sound Reinforcement Soundtracs DPC-II: LARGE-FORMAT DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE Ashly Protea:...


April 1, 1999

April 1, 1999 Technology Fairlight MediaLink: Networking for Multiroom Audio Post Facilities Yamaha DSP Factory: PC-BASED RECORDING/MIXING/SIGNAL PROCESSING PLATFORM Zaxcom Audio Deva: PORTABLE DIGITAL...


March 1, 1999

March 1, 1999 Technology JBL LSR 28P and LSR 12P: POWERED 5.1 MONITORING SYSTEM Dolby DP569 and DP562: Multichannel Dolby Digital Encoder/Decoder Martinsound MultiMAX:...


February 1, 1999

February 1, 1999 Technology Snapshot Product Reviews Technology Spotlight: Midas Heritage 3000 Shure KSM32: CARDIOID CONDENSER MICROPHONE Emagic Logic Audio Platinum: INTEGRATED MIDI/DIGITAL AUDIO...


January 1, 1999

January 1, 1999 Technology Earthworks Z30X: MICROPHONES AND LAB 102 PREAMPLIFIER Great River Electronics MP-2: TWO-CHANNEL MICROPHONE PREAMP Symetrix 562E: WINDOWING EXPANDER/GATE SPL Electronics...

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