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Issue 195


Mix Regional News: New England

BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA UNVEILS WSDG-REDESIGNED CONTROL ROOM A cultural icon for 134 years, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is world-renowned for the excellence and diversity...


Focusrite Saffire PRO 24, 26 and 40

Early on, Focusrite earned the respect of audio pros with the release of serious, professional mic preamps, consoles and rackmounted channel strips. Some pros...


Tuxedo’s Debut

A few years prior to Mayer Hawthorne breaking hearts and taking names with his debut, he and hip-hop producer Jake One were trading mixtapes....


Two Gallants Plus One

The Two Gallants are heading out on tour this spring in support of their latest album, We Are Undone. It’s the duo’s ninth year...


Subscriptions Anyone?

It’s nothing new. You’re likely reading Mix because you have a subscription. It’s based on a mutual agreement.