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Issue 200


Mix Regional Sessions: Canada

NOBLE STREET STUDIOS, TORONTO Shawn Mendes Mix Sessions, including “Treat You Better” and several other songs from the upcoming album, took place in Studio...


Mix Regional News: Canada

SUBTERRANEAN ADDS AIR MONTSERRAT NEVE Toronto’s Subterranean Sound recently acquired the famed AIR Montserrat Neve console. Only two other consoles were ever made that feature...


Tech // New Products, August 2015

SyncPro Production Resource File Sharing Direct Access Without the Cloud For those wanting to speed up their workflow, ($39.99/year per user) offers peer-to-peer...


MixTrips: Chris Pelonis

Chris has been a longtime friend and I’ve thought from day one that he had one of the great creative/technical minds in our industry.


Who’s Keeping Score?

If there is one thing you can say about the digital age so far it’s that there has been a remarkable level of indifference...