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By Heather Johnson

Articles From This Author


The Cathedral

He's worked in some of L.A.'s finest studios during the course of his 12-plus-year recording career, but the ubiquitous Snoop Dogg rapper, film star,


Behind the Glass

Mississippi natives 3 Doors Down skipped over to Nashville, where they mixed songs from their forthcoming Universal release, Seventeen Days, at Emerald


Ray Seay Opens The Vault

Hip hop engineer/producer Ray Seay, mixer of recent Number One singles for Lil’ Jon (“Get Low”), Ciarra (“Goodies”) and Trick Daddy, (“Let’s Go”), recently...


The ’80s

THE HEART OF ROCK 'N' ROLL'S STILL BEATING What many consider the golden age of recording gradually dimmed in the decade of excess 10...


Beyond 2000

CALLING ALL ANGELS San Francisco's motley music community doesn't have a genre-specific scene like Seattle, Nashville or Minneapolis; however, the city


The ’90s

WHAT A WICKED GAME WE PLAY And thenthe '90s came, Studio D co-owner Joel Jaffe says with a sigh. Like many other recording industry...



As a business entity, RavensWork, one of the industry's leading post-production facilities, stands out among the art galleries, boutiques and cosmopolitan-casual

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