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By Michael Cooper

Articles From This Author


PSPaudioware VintageWarmer

PSPaudioware's VintageWarmer plug-in delivers creamy-sounding dynamics processing in two flavors: via its wideband compression (with shelving pre-equalization) and multiband compression modes (the latter followed...


Yamaha DM2000

Yamaha is a leading pioneer in low-cost/pro digital mixers, having introduced the industry-standard 02R seven years ago. Now, with the launch of the DM2000


The Big Bang

Drum-recording techniques have undergone dramatic changes over the years, in part because of the options afforded by virtually unlimited track counts


Alesis ADAT HD24

It's been almost two years since the first modular, 24-bit/24-track hard disk recorders were introduced to the pro audio world. The Alesis ADAT HD24...


Royer R-122

Until now, fans of ribbon mics have had to put up with the historic drawbacks of such transducer designs, including low-output level (usually requiring


Antares Auto-Tune 3

Available in both software and hardware versions, Auto-Tune corrects the intonation of vocals and instruments, resulting in sweeter-sounding tracks and



Speaker manufacturers have endeavored for decades to create a reference monitor that could reproduce complex, broadband audio without imposing a sonic


Shure KSM44

The KSM44 multipattern condenser mic is the second offering in Shure's KSM microphone line. It follows on the heels of the cardioid-only KSM32, which


D.A.S. Monitor-8

I would hazard a guess that most studio engineers will not recognize the D.A.S. name, as the Spanish company's last studio monitor was produced...

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