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Compiled by Sarah Benzuly

Articles From This Author


Calrec Bought

D&M Holdings has acquired Calrec Audio Limited, placing D&M more prominently in the broadcast market. D&M Holdings has also targeted expansion in other


DiGiCo Buyout

In addition to numerous weddings and other festivities held on July 7, 2007, this date marks the completion of DiGiCo's management buyout. The new...


Marsh Expands

Stephen Marsh ( has opened a new mastering boutique at Radio Recorders complex in Hollywood. Joining Marsh is assistant/mastering


MediaTech Grows

The MediaTech Institute (, housed at the Dallas Sound Lab, expanded its Las Colinas facilities to make room for its new digital


Soul Celebrated

The city of Memphis has launched a national campaign to help celebrate 50 years of soul music. The events ( turn the spotlight on

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