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Craig Anderton

Musician/author Craig Anderton is an internationally recognized authority on music and technology. His onstage career spans from the 1960s with the group Mandrake, through the 2000s with electronic groups Air Liquide and Rei$$dorf Force, to the “power duo” EV2 with Public Enemy’s Brian Hardgroove, and EDM-oriented solo performances. He has played on, produced or mastered more than 20 major label recordings and hundreds of tracks, authored over 45 books, toured extensively, played Carnegie Hall, worked as a studio musician in the 70s, written over a thousand articles, lectured on technology and the arts (in 10 countries, 38 U.S. states, and three languages), and done sound design and consulting work for numerous music companies. He is a former President of The MIDI Association, and holds two patents related to audio technology. For free access to over 200 articles and more information, please visit For music and instructional videos, go to

Articles From This Author


Yes, Even Guitars

Guitars are more likely to be associated with tubes and retro technology than cutting-edge software, but that’s changing in everything from recording...


Cracks in the Mac?

Since its introduction, the Mac’s share of the pro audio market has been hugely disproportionate to its general market share. It upended the Amiga—at...


EQ: The Next Generation

When plugins first appeared, the goal was often to provide virtual equivalents of hardware devices—similarly to how CGI originally reproduced reality less expensively. But...


Testing, Testing

Let’s salute the unsung hero of modern recording software: test and measurement. In the days of tape, your test gear was VU meters that...


Fix It Before The Mix

When multitrack tape recording progressed beyond a few tracks, a new phrase was added to the recording lexicon: “Fix it in the mix,��...


The Big Ten

Did you get your questionnaire from Apple and Microsoft about what audio/video-oriented features you wanted in their latest operating systems? Neither did I, so...


Leaning on Support

Many people maintain that DAWs have evolved to being much the same— they all cut, paste, copy, import, export, etc.

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