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Roger Maycock

Articles From This Author


THE ToyBox

New Digital Effects Processors Getting "your sound" involves much more than just what you print to tape, hard disk, MO or some other recording...


DSP Media Postation II

DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION Originally an Australian company based in Sydney but now headquartered in the U.S., DSP Media Inc. is well-known in high-end


BLUE Dragonfly

CONDENSER MICROPHONE In recent years, BLUE (Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics) has achieved recognition as a manufacturer of high-quality, handcrafted



CONSOLIDATION HITS THE POST-PRODUCTION SERVICES INDUSTRYFor the past few years, the global business economy has experienced an almost nonstop metamorphosis.


Did You Hear That?

With so much attention paid to new recording systems these days, it's easy to forget that getting "your sound" is more than just what...


The State of the 8-Bus

First came the Alesis ADAT and Tascam DA-88, which started the whole democratization of the audio industry by making good-sounding equipment available

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