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Discreet Tweets: Pro Sound News’ June 2011 Twitter Feed

June saw Pro Sound News serve up all kinds of news on Twitter—breaking news at InfoComm on new product releases and features; spreading the word on new statistics for the vinyl revival; and, of course, sharing the disturbing truth about how the world’s loudest 2mm insect hits levels of 105 dB. Most of PSN's tweets are our daily headlines, but here's everything else we posted. The best way to enjoy our Twitter feed, of course, is to follow us at 

June saw Pro Sound News serve up all kinds of news on Twitter—breaking news at InfoComm on new product releases and features; spreading the word on new statistics for the vinyl revival; and, of course, sharing the disturbing truth about how the world’s loudest 2mm insect hits levels of 105 dB. Most of PSN’s tweets are our daily headlines, but here’s everything else we posted. The best way to enjoy our Twitter feed, of course, is to follow us at

RT @AESorg April issue of the #AES Journal is here! #JAES#ProAudio detecting applause & feature on audio over digital networks

To start your day, a pretty amazing video of Bach played on glass harp (you know–ringing wine glasses) -Clive

Tenn. passes Web entertainment theft bill – Yahoo! News #ProAudio -Clive

RT @bssaudio HiQnet London Architect v3.08 is now available for download at #proaudio

RT @KarlDetkenProDJ 500GB wireless harddrive for iPad and iPhone users

Dig this cool slideshow of the Library of Congress’ National Jukebox audio conversion process #ProAudio -Clive

RT @Masterdisk Woot! Forward into the Past!! Vinyl sales up 455% in the last 5 years!! via @digitalmusicnws

The Magic of Martin Rushent Tribute to the late New Wave producer (Human League, Go-Go’s, Stranglers) #ProAudio -Clive

RT @AESorg 131st #AES committee on track for blockbuster convention at #AESNY #ProAudio – start making plans to attend!

McCartney returns to ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ tape collage recording style for next release? – Wired #ProAudio -Clive

RT @SweetwaterSound Celebrate Les Paul’s birthday today by making some music. Google’s made it easy #lespaul

Something silly to start your day with: The Guitar Baby viral video – -Clive

PSN Blogs – Kickstarting It Old School Guy who recorded EP on wax cylinder planning to release on vinyl, wax! -Clive

Does Bitrate Really Make a Difference In My Music? -Clive

Live Nation in talks to go private: report – Yahoo! News -Clive

Google’s Les Paul tribute (playable, recordable guitar logo) used by over 1 billion people; will be up til Fri -Clive

Animals’ Most Amazing Acoustic Feats – Wired Christopher Shutt’s speech for Best Sound Design-Play at the Tony Awards for War Horse -Clive #proaudio Brian Ronan’s speech for Best Sound Design-Musical at the Tony Awards for Book of Mormon -Clive #proaudio

Due to its popularity, Google has decided to keep the playable/recordable Les Paul logo online forever

PSN has landed in Orlando and is ready for #infocomm11 tomorrow! Follow us for the latest news at the show! -Clive #proaudio

Audio-Technica is exhibiting its SpectraPulse mtu301 Body-Pack Transmitter. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

HK Audio showing its Elements modular sound reinforcement line – ultra-compact but LOUD. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Shure also previewing new PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System and Axient Wireless System. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Shure’s previewing 4 new shotgun mics—VP89 (interchangeable lengths – long, medium and short) and VP82. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Roland says Mac versions of Remote Control Software for M-480, M-400, M-380, M-300 V-Mixer consoles coming #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Sennheiser in #205A doing LOUD K-array demos, giveaways for HD 800 headphones, evolution wireless G3 #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Peavey intros MediaMatrix nWall 2.0 audio interface panel, does A/D to route thru CobraNet right at panel #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Crestron intro’d FreeSpeech, a “budget-friendly” wireless classroom microphone system for teachers. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Denon’s showing DBP-2012UDCIP and DBP-1611UDP universal audio/video Blu-ray players. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Genelec’s showing 4000 Series 2-way loudspeakers; like studio monitors w/ features for system integration #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Clear-Com intros Concert V2.6 Intercom-over-IP solution for voice conferencing, intercom over Internet, LAN #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Clear-Com showing new HME DX210 wireless intercom, compatible with wired intercom systems. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Crest debuting Nx Dante-8 NexSys control module for CKd amps to support NexSys 5, Peavey MediaMatrix NWare #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Crest intros CKd multi-channel, networkable, intelligent power amps. For installs, has ‘Green’ aspects. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Peavey intros NWare iOS app for MediaMatrix NION systems–construct, program wireless control interfaces #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Sound Devices intros its first portable video recorders, PIX line, with PIX 220 and PIX 240 #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Harman HiQnet System Architect V3.0 adds Audio Video Bridging (AVB) networked audio routing support, more. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Electro-Voice debuting RE320–new studio/live mic, uses Variable-D proximity control tech. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

JBL Pro intros VerTec Line Array Calculator II upgrade (V 1.1); get at #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Auralex going entry-level with SonoLiteTMPro fabric wrapped Studiofoam Pro sound absorption panel #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Aviom’s showing Pro64 Network Manager PC control V2.0; adds AllFrame Multi-Modular I/O System support. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Outline is showing its new iSM powered stage monitors with iMode Technology, works with iMode iOS app. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Bosch debuted OMNEO: 2-part standard providing program transport and system control for media networking. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

Auralex has added a dedicated eco tab on its Web site – #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

RapcoHorizon’s Momentum mo8me Personal Monitor Mixers’ mTweak app updated to work with iPad. #IC11 #Infocomm #ProAudio -Clive

RT @dave_rat #sonicyouth is ebaying a mixer I hand made for them early 90’s on the Dirty tour, $ is for Japan disaster relief #FB

RT @billboardbiz IRS Records, once home to REM, The Go-Go’s, Buzzcocks, and, of course, Let’s Active relaunching

Collaboration between Lab.gruppen and Tannoy resulted in self-powered VXP series. #ic11 #infocomm #proaudio -Clive

Tannoy intros new VX series with Q-Centric waveguide. New cabinet design, weatherized. #ic11 #infocomm #proaudio -Clive

InfoComm eye candy; some of these screen settle and animations are wild. #ic11 #infocomm #proaudio -Clive

Beyerdynamic is showing Classis install mics with Scudio technology. Also Votum networked voting system #ic11 #infocomm #proaudio -Clive

Beyerdynamic knows how to get you to grab a microphone brochure #ic11 #infocomm #proaudio -Clive

Yamaha showing Rupert Neve Designs 5045 Primary Source Enhancer; invented it to fix his pastor’s bad mic technique #IC11 #infocomm -Clive

RT @dave_rat Eddie Vedder First Show tonight with L-Acoustics dV-dosc, MicroWedge 12, Digidesign and Midas Pro 6″ 

Outline formally debuting GTO line source system. Showing iMode app to control MINICompass system on iOS #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

SurgeX has a great demo at its booth; they blow up competitors’ components. Worth a visit for the bangs #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

Here’s some unusual show swag from Harman: an amplifier chip lapel pin. #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

Soundcraft vistonics mic monitoring for Vi series. Harman wireless mics show up in vistonics with control info. #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio

Soundcraft new option cards for Si series. Cat5 Madi card #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

Soundcraft intros Si Compact, Si1+. 72 inputs to mix #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

JBL intros Marquis dance club series. 8 boxes in line from bass bins to high tweeters. #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio

JBL discussing CBT series loudspeakers, new CSS-1S/T cost effective wall mount speaker #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

Crown talking new ComTech amplifier, new iPad app for controlling amp parameters, create custom panels. New no-fault warranty

AKG WMS 470 33% more frequencies, 14hr operation on 1 AA battery, pilot tone. #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

AKG press conf, Discussing its iPhone App 2.0; control functions, frequency mgt. Due in Aug #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

Opening ceremonies at #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

Bose also presented it’s PowerMatch amplifier with unique PeakBank power supply. #IC11 #InfoComm #proaudio -Clive

Ain’t even 9AM and already #IC11 is hopping. Bose just demoed it’s RoomMatch Progressive Directivity Arrays for installs. #proaudio -Clive

Software ‘hearing dummies’ customize hearing aids – CNET News Using alt hearing test to best match ear’s needs -Clive

This vid of The Dear Hunter’s 10″ EP set, The Color Spectrum, inspires deep vinyl lust. Good song, great package! -Clive

Make a Pair of Soundproof Headphones on the Cheap – Lifehacker #NotVeryProAudio -Clive

Thanks everyone for all the RTs + FFs this week, helping spread the news coming out of #infocomm. We really appreciate it! -Clive #proaudio

French scientists study 2mm bug whose song can hit 105 dB; wait til you read how he makes it -Clive (via @sepulchra)

RT @InfoCommShow InfoComm 2011 is a wrap! Final attendance 33,001. Biggest show we’ve had in Orlando! Thanks for your support, and safe travels. #IC11

Fountains of Wayne return w/ self-produced CD; if the rest is like the new song ( it’ll be a nice return to form. -Clive

RT @DavidSchober #recordingtip 69 I’ll get sounds at various volumes, loud and soft. But most work is done at 85dB #recording #musicproducer

Researchers study world’s most annoying sound – -Clive

8 Reasons Why Vinyl is Cleaner Than The Cloud Some are flimsy or repetitive, but it’s an interesting argument -Clive

Metallica, Lou Reed Walk On The Wild Side Collaborated on new CD; we eyeball the pics to spot gear. #proaudio -Clive

RT @dave_rat New blog post for all ya’all interested in an in depth look at the #soundgarden FOH audio racks. Thank you Jamie Rat #FB

RT @Craig_Anderton My GearFest seminar: one section covers how to tweak loops. A 125BPM drum loop with perfect fidelity at 80BPM? Hearing is believing!

RT @Craig_Anderton Pink Floyd fans: Part of my GearFest loop seminar is a remix of “Interstellar Overdrive” combined with my loops, using Ableton Live.

RT @WavesAudioLtd New Pooch’s Corner – Live Sound & Computers: Taking It One Day At A Time

Music council seeks to leverage Nashville’s buzz – Yahoo! News -Clive

RT @Alesis We are hosting another Job fair event! Join @alesis in LA on July 18th #Marketing #Engineering #ProductManagement

Good silliness: IKEA instructions for building Stonehenge -Clive

RT @NeutrikOfficial Neutrik Cake for Barbecue @ Neutrik AG in Liechtenstein Thank you Matthias!!!

RT @AVwriter To the people who stole my Les Paul, let me tell you about it. #avtweeps #proaudio #stolengear #Vancouver

RT @AESsemantic Exactly 1 month is still the possibility to register for the @AESorg42nd Conference on Semantic audio. Register now:

RT @AESorg May issue of #AES Journal is here! #ProAudiofeatures summary of recent #AES games conf and article on The Loudness War

RT @SweetwaterSound Alan Parsons just finished speaking to a completely packed house here at #GearFest! A true legend.

RT @DavidSchober #recordingtips 87 When hearing new music, try not to listen as a professional. But listen as you did when you were an amateur #recording

RT @EQupdatesEQ magazine is now Electronic Musician magazine: Follow us at @EM_Magazine and on Facebook:

RT @EM_Magazine Nearly $400 Million Has Been Invested In Music Startups This Year

MSG summer shutdown a boon to NJ venues – Yahoo! News -Clive

Today on the PSN Blog: Book Review–Mountains Come Out of the Sky—The Illustrated History of Prog Rock -Clive

RT @shureinc Shure sponsors @SVC_Online #Free webinar 6/28: Personal Monitoring in Houses of Worship. Learn more: #ShureBuzz

Equation: The Formula Behind Noise-Cancelling Headphones –Wired #proaudio -Clive

RT @Craig_Anderton A BIG thank you to those who attended my loop seminar at Gearfest. Glad y’all liked my remix of Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive!

To clear up any confusion, Pro Sound News in the U.S. is still part of NewBay Media. PSN Europe got sold to Intent, not us. -Clive #ProAudio

Apple releases $49 Thunderbolt cable, offers external RAID systems – Appleinsider -Clive

RT @Nakia Take a look at this video about our in-ear monitors on The Voice. Thanks @UltimateEars!

RT @IncredibleLAGO SSL plankin! —-LMAO!! U can’t be serious! Hahahaha

RT @jsoundservices Free Shure Webinar –

RT @bostonaes See everyone at Tuesday’s BAES Network Night Hosted @ Mill Pong Music Studio

Microsoft joins The Cambridge TV White Spaces Consortium – CNet #proaudio (sort of) -Clive

RT@womensaudio: How about an acoustics reading list from Walters-Storyk Design Group

RT @womensaudioPro Sound News Magazine Microphone Gear Guide is out – see what your favorite live and studio engineers/producers are using

RT @chemicalpill Robyn Hitchcock is in the NYT puzzle today. That’s a special kind of success

RT @InfoComm 96% of InfoComm Academy students use what they learn on the job.