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B/A Conversion: Mr. Bonzai Meets Weird Al Yankovic

It's not every day that Pro Sound News lands a video interview with a world-famous superstar—so today, we're talking with "Weird Al" Yankovic instead. While renowned for his parodies and zany image, Weird Al is also a three-time Grammy Award winner (out of nine nominations), has sold over 12 million albums, created the classic cult movie UHF and TV series The Weird Al Show, has written a bestselling children's book, and achieved many other serious accomplishments. Having played more than 1,000 concerts over his career, Al will add to that number when he returns to the road this year; with that in mind, intrepid pro-audio bon vivant/blogger, Mr. Bonzai, conducted this snazzy chat with the wizard of weird himself to get a preview of what lies ahead.

“Weird Al” Yankovic has a very heavy tour schedule this Summer all across America. Learn more as I interview Al with my long-distance BonzaiCam™ VideoPhone!

There is a great tradition of musical parody in the history of American culture. Such stars as Spike Jones and Stan Freberg achieved huge success through their talent for mocking the classic pop songs of the day. “Weird Al” Yankovic is today’s reigning king of pop parody—gifted as a comedian, recording artist, concert performer and a very good film director.

You know him well for his pop-smashing hits: “My Bologna,” “Another One Rides the Bus,” “Like A Surgeon,” “Eat It” and “Fat,” “Smells Like Nirvana,” “Amish Paradise,” “I Want a New Duck,” “King of Suede”, “Living with a Hernia,” “Perform this Way,” “White and Nerdy,” and “The Saga Begins”—in which my wife and I appear as dancing aliens.

Al spends a great deal of time in the studio making sure that the sound of his comedy is nearly identical to the original songs which he makes fun of. He works with serious engineers and a group of professional musicians, who also deliver perfect performances with Al on his concert tours.