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A Look Inside Universal Audio’s Heritage Studio

At the NAMM Show, Universal Audio took visitors back in time via the UA Heritage Studio, a photo op area filled with gear and hosts, circa the late 1950s. UA recently shared online all 1,280 photos taken over the four days of NAMM, so here's just a few pro audio people we spotted while cruising through the shots....

Universal Audio’s Heritage Studio, modeled on United Western Recorders

Every year, there’s hundreds of exhibitors at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, all vying for your attention, regardless of whether you’re there to see the latest in pro audio or flugelhorns. While Universal Audio was on-hand to show off Apollo Expanded, the company found another way to stand out by offering visitors a trip back in time—via the UA Heritage Studio, a photo op setting of a recording studio circa the late 1950s. Modeled loosely on the famed United Western Recorders in LA, where The Beach Boys, Sinatra, Phil Spector, Bing Crosby, the Mamas & the Papas and thousands of others recorded hits, the setting was packed throughout the convention. While visitors got an instant printed photo to take home, UA recently shared all 1,280 photos taken over the four days of NAMM online for the world to see.

It’s fun to pore through them, but unfortunately there’s no captions, so you really have to look closely at every single photo to see who’s in it—and in this hectic world today where there’s so many far more important things that need to be done, who’s gonna waste their time going through nearly 1,300 photos? Um, that would be us here at PSN. Here’s just a few pro audio people we spotted while cruising through the shots….

Stevie Wonder and friends.

UA founder Bill Putnam, Jr. (left) and Herbie Hancock.

Pro Sound News Europe editor Dave Robinson (seated) discusses editorial policy.

Engineer Andrew Schepps (seated left) with friends.

Producer/Engineer and PSN Contributor Russ Long (seated) has the session all under control.

Ray Parker, Jr. (seated) ain’t afraid of no ghosts of audio’s past.

Web personalities Herb Trawick and Dave Pensado (both seated).

Producer/engineer/educator Young Guru.

Pro Sound News managing editor Clive Young (right) explains why “this Brian Wilson kid is never gonna get anywhere.”

Martin Gore of Depeche Mode (seated, right) and friends.

Like we said before, there’s 1,280 photos, so it’s a good bet that we missed a lot of folks. If you spot more cool shots in UA’s photostream or ID someone we overlooked in these captions, tell us in the comments section below!