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Discovering the Sound of Hamilton with Adam Savage

FOH engineer Kevin McCoy shares with Adam Savage what it takes to mix the hit show ‘Hamilton.’

As I’ve mentioned on the PSN blog before, many (many) years ago, I went to high school with former Mythbuster Adam Savage. We didn’t know each other, but I’ve always kept an eye out for his work ever since I was flipping channels one day years later and thought, “Wait a minute, that guy looks so familiar….” These days, he hosts the online series, Tested, and in a new episode, he moves into PSN territory, interviewing Kevin McCoy, FOH engineer for the theatrical production of Hamilton at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco.

Give it a watch — the pair are clearly having a blast as they explain for the uninitiated what a FOH engineer does, how different engineers have different mixing styles, the give-and-take of bringing the performance to the audience and more. McCoy also provides a tour of his DiGiCo SD7T console and shows off his Hamilton script’s intricate notes for muting and un-muting mics, joking “Some people have told me it looks like I’m playing Soundboard Hero.”