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Peek Inside Meghan Trainor’s Next Home Studio

Pop singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor put down $6.6 million around the turn of 2021 for a decked-out mansion in L.A.’s Encino neighborhood; let's take a look at the home studio that came with it.

$6.6 million nets a nice 1.1-acre estate in Encino, CA
$6.6 million nets a nice 1.1-acre estate in Encino, CA.

Pop singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor plunked down $6.6 million around the turn of 2021 for a decked-out mansion in L.A.’s Encino neighborhood, purchasing the 1.1-acre estate from entrepreneur Doug Jordan, also known as rapper TMG Fresh. The nearly 10,000-square-foot homestead sports eight bathrooms and a half-dozen bedrooms, but the part that really matters, of course, is the home studio.

TMG Fresh—son of real estate investors Wayne Jordan and Quinn Delaney—built a home studio in a separate two-story guesthouse on the property, and as you can see in photos from the real estate listing, it has been confidently decorated with LED lights, starry skies and a castle motif around the control area. While some reports about the home sale suggest that the studio is on the guesthouse’s second story, the center of the control room floor features what looks to be a former in-ground hot tub turned into a giant terrarium covered by Lucite, so perhaps the studio is on the first floor. Any way you slice it, acoustical treatments or not, there’s probably some redecorating in this space’s near future.

TMG Fresh studio
Songstress Meghan Trainor recently purchased a mansion, complete with home studio, from rapper TMG Fresh.

While there’s no knowing whether Trainor gets the gear with the house, let’s take a look at what TMG Fresh had on-hand. Easily visible at a distance are a pair of industry standard Yamaha NS10 studio monitors with their distinctive white cones, joined by Genelec 1238A SAM studio monitors soffited into the castle towers. In a rack on the right is a distinctively blue Tube-Tech CL 1B Optical Tube Compressor, and central to the space in a Solid State Logic Matrix² δelta mixing console, as can be spotted in this music video.


The Vocal Booth/Live Room
The Vocal Booth/Live Room

On the other side of that control room glass is a smaller vocal booth/live space which features more consistent acoustical treatment and that status symbol of rap mics, the nearly $11,000 Sony C-800G Studio Tube Condenser Microphone.

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Trainor will surely dig her new digs, but in the wake of selling his estate, TMG Fresh isn’t downsizing. He already owns a $7.2 million estate near Beverly Hills and reportedly recently purchased a $9 million mansion in Bel Air—a neighborhood that was once home to another noted rapper with “Fresh” in his name.