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The Future is Now: Redesigning Pro Sound News

We tell you about everything new in pro audio, so it was time for our monthly magazine to look as current as our content. Now Pro Sound News has been redesigned from top to bottom.

Clive Young
Clive Young

You may have noticed the latest issue of Pro Sound News looks a little different. That’s a bit of an understatement, of course—the magazine in your hands has undergone the most extensive redesign in its 42-year history. The size is different (more manageable) and so is the look (more vibrant), but not everything has changed. It’s still packed with in-depth analysis of pro audio trends, profiles that uncover insights and examples that you can adapt to your work, solid news, our trademark Real-World Reviews and lots more. We’ve always hand-curated the most interesting and useful pro audio news for you, and that’s something that will never change at PSN.

So why the new look? Truthfully, it was long overdue. Our last redesign was in April 2011—an eternity in the magazine business—but this isn’t just change for change’s sake. If you were to hop in a time-travelling DeLorean and go back to 1978— more than 500 issues ago—you’d find that ever since the first copy hit the stands at the AES Convention that year, Pro Sound News has always had a tabloid newspaper-like style, complete with articles on the front cover. That was a comfortable, familiar approach back when most people got their news from the daily papers, but in the decades since, that look slowly turned into a holdover from a different era. It made every article look the same, whether it was about major, game-changing news that would alter the industry forever…or a small bistro that got new ceiling speakers. It also made our readers have to work harder, too; following a dreaded ‘Continued on Page XX’ message, they often had to skip past dozens of pages just to read the last two paragraphs of an article. It was ridiculous—and it was time for us to evolve.

Pro Sound NewsOur articles have always told you about everything new in pro audio—new gear, companies, professionals, music, formats, tours and more—so it was time to present all that in an equally new way. The result is a more visually dynamic look that reflects today’s graphics-oriented culture, infusing style without sacrificing substance. All the credit goes to group art director Nicole Cobban and art editor Rob Crossland, who not only made it happen, but also made it look easy (it wasn’t).

The new look is part of a steady transition that’s been happening this year at PSN. Page through the issue and you’ll see the familiar bylines you trust—articles by seasoned professionals who’ve covered pro audio for years—but there are also newcomers, bringing fresh views, topics and insights to our pages. We’re also exploring new sides of the business these days, like our growing coverage of podcasting—one of the most exciting and largely untapped opportunities to emerge for studios and audio pros in years. (Have you signed up for our weekly Podcast Pro newsletter yet? Get to pronto.) We’ve also added to our lineup of columnists: Sounding Board, a new career column by industry vet Mike Dias, debuts this month and Grammy-winning engineer Dom Morley’s quarterly column returns in December.

In the meantime, we’re still covering recording, post, broadcast and sound reinforcement with the same detail and excitement that we always have. Favorite features like the Tracks chart, View from the Top and Music, Etc.—which has talked recording with everyone from Taylor Swift to Jackson Browne over the years—are still here to inform and enlighten. When touring comes back, our Centerstage chart will be there to highlight the recovery, too.

When you need to get breaking audio news that can’t wait until the next issue, of course, turn to this site right here –, which we update five days a week. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, incessantly bringing you the latest.

In the meantime, enjoy our new issue, and if you don’t already subscribe, go here. The pandemic has put many things on pause, but time is not one of them; no, the future is now. Pro Sound News is continuing to change with the times, ensuring that we’re there to help you change with them, too.