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Westworld Improvises ADR Process During Lockdown

Actress Thandie Newton follows shelter-in-place rules as she improvises in a makeshift vocal booth at home to provide ADR for HBO’s Westworld series.

ADR is a necessity when it comes to fixing an actor’s lines in post. Usually it’s a snap, but in our locked-down times thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the process is no longer simply about getting the actor in front of a studio mic for a few minutes. Now it requires a little extra ingenuity on everyone’s part, as actress Thandie Newton (Crash; M.I. 2; Solo) shared in a recent Instagram post.

Currently starring in the HBO series Westworld, Newton was faced with having to record ADR of a struggle—while self-isolating at home. The answer, it turned out, was to get in a car parked in her garage to record in a quiet, moderately soundproof environment. Armed with a laptop, smartphone and tablet, Newton watched playback footage on the laptop, recorded herself on the iPhone in-hand, and presumably had a script or notes on the tablet.

Coronavirus and Pro Audio: Developing News

It’s not an ideal situation for ADR, but all involved were making the best of it, and Newton added a shout-out for the engineers who would make the process work in spite of all the hurdles, noting, “We’re doing everything we can during Covid19 to bring the show to you. Without these trans global, tenacious cheats, the full season couldn’t get finished (while you watch each episode the future ones are still being completed😯). Huge thanks to our incredible post production team for making magic happen.”