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Peavey Commercial Audio Adopts RAVENNA

ALC NetworX, developer of RAVENNA, has announced that Peavey Commercial Audio will support its audio-over-IP technology.

Peavey Commercial Audio Adopts RAVENNAMunich, Germany (June 1, 2023)—ALC NetworX, developer of RAVENNA, has announced that Peavey Commercial Audio will support its audio-over-IP technology in the manufacturer’s future MediaMatrix solutions.

Under the RAVENNA partnership, Peavey has developed sNET, a single IP-based network infrastructure technology which will work at the core of their future MediaMatrix products. sNET is based on RAVENNA, featuring low latency, fully synchronized signal transparency and reliability, all while ensuring interoperability through its compatibility with AES67 and SMPTE ST 2110 standards. According to a statement from ALC NetworX, this will start to blur the boundaries between the commercial audio and broadcast worlds, paving the way towards integration and interoperability between Peavey’s MediaMatrix solution and IP-based broadcast applications.

Peavey Commercial Audio Sunsets CobraNet Products

According to Peavey Commercial Audio general manager, Shayne Thomas, joining the RAVENNA community was a natural move. “Adopting RAVENNA is part of our vision and roadmap to remain on the cutting edge of real-time network audio streaming ensuring the highest level of lossless audio quality within MediaMatrix and Crest Audio products. With a proven track record of near on 30 years and industry-wide recognition as a pioneer in the development of cutting-edge digital signal processing technologies it is only fitting that we integrate RAVENNA as part of the supported audio protocols in conjunction with MediaMatrix sNET AES67 audio streaming, control and monitoring over Ethernet.”

Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA evangelist at ALC NetworX, adds, “Peavey, with its Commercial Audio branch, is a world-leading manufacturer of network-based audio processing and distribution systems. Peavey’s decision to base their new sNET audio streaming protocol on RAVENNA technology demonstrates that RAVENNA’s core genes, originating from the most exacting demands of the broadcast industry, are a perfect match for the ever-growing requirements of the commercial audio industry. As an open technology standard without a proprietary licensing policy, RAVENNA is well positioned to provide system manufacturers like Peavey with the flexibility they need as IP-based technologies continue to infuse their core markets.