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SMPTE Suspends Russian Section, Opens Call for Media Tech Summit Papers

SMPTE has announced its call for technical paper proposals for the organization’s annual conference.

smpteWhite Plains, NY (March 15, 2022)—SMPTE has announced its call for technical paper proposals for the organization’s annual conference and is also accepting proposals for participation in the conference’s popular SMPTE Storytellers series. The conference has been rebranded as the SMPTE Media Technology Summit 2022 and will be held October 24-27 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles.

“As we return to face-to-face conferences, the SMPTE Media Technology Summit 2022 will no doubt be prominent on the calendars of professionals, technologists and engineers,” said Polly Hickling, education director at SMPTE and course leader, media technology at Solent University. “There have been great advancements in technology during a time where we have had limited opportunity to discuss what we’ve been doing, so this opportunity to discuss cutting-edge research, insight, and technology will be welcomed by many. The SMPTE Summit is an exciting chance to connect with everything they love about the technology and the people shaping our industry.”

Authors of proposals selected by the SMPTE Summit 2022 program committee will have the opportunity to present at the world’s premier forum for the exploration of current and future media technology, content creation, image and sound, and the allied arts and sciences. Proposed papers must be informational and must address technical theory, research, innovation, application, or practice specific to any of the evolving technologies associated with the media and entertainment industry.

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Paper proposals are due April 30. General topic areas include: Digital cinema and advancements; streaming, artificial intelligence in content creation, media in the cloud, image related computing, media supply chain, research, and academic work; remote production; broadcast advancements; sustainability topics; technical leadership and industry change; future of media; Esports and gaming; and others.

Previously published, product-specific, commercial, sales, or promotional papers will not be considered. Student papers are strongly encouraged.

SMPTE Storytellers are short personal stories that highlight the more human side of the SMPTE community. Ideally, these stories are motivational, inspiring, compelling, personal, visionary, or some combination of these. Anyone interested in becoming a SMPTE Storyteller at the SMPTE Summit 2022 should send their name, job title, and 1,000 words or fewer about the main points of their story to [email protected] by May 15.

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In other SMPTE news, the  SMPTE Board of Governors announced it is suspending the activities of the SMPTE Russian Section and its members’ individual participation in the SMPTE Board of Governors until further notice. The Board noted as part of the announcement, “We the members of the SMPTE Board of Governors, issue this resolution condemning the unprovoked invasion by Russia of the sovereign country of Ukraine, the slaughter of innocent Ukrainian citizens, the destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure, and the suppression of individual rights of Russian citizens to speak and associate freely. We support and defend the individual human rights of our members in Russia and Ukraine as well as those of all our members. We call on the government of Russia to immediately cease its invasion, withdraw all its troops from Ukrainian territory, and restore the rights of Ukrainian and Russian citizens.”