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The Music People Leaders Announce Retirement

The Music People's co-chairwoman Sharon Hennessey, co-chairman John Hennessey and controller John Gutowski have retired.

John Hennessey and Sharon Hennessey.
John Hennessey and Sharon Hennessey.

Berlin, CT (April 5, 2022) — The Music People — manufacturer of the On-Stage brand of musical-instrument accessories and distributor of more than 200 pro-audio, video, and lighting brands through TMP-Pro — have announced the retirement of co-chairwoman Sharon Hennessey, co-chairman John Hennessey and controller John Gutowski, a group that served over 100 combined years leading the company.

Jam Industries, a pro-AVL distributor in North America and global MI product supplier which recently rebranded as Exertis | Jam, acquired The Music People in 2020.

“We were so proud to acquire The Music People—simply an excellent industry-leading company with an exceptional team. We were equally proud to have the Hennesseys join our organization and now wish them all — Jim, Sharon, John and John Gutowski — a well-deserved retirement. We hope to continue to develop on the Hennessey legacy for many years to come,” said Stuart Frenkel, President and CEO of Exertis | Jam.

JAM Industries Rebrands As Exertis|JAM

Sharon Hennessey and John Hennessey joined their family’s business, The Music People, in 1989 and 1991, respectively. Sharon’s career was primarily focused on sales and growing the On-Stage brand while John’s focus was expanding TMP-Pro as a distributor in the United States. Although they led the organization for many years previously, in 2016, they were formally named Co-Presidents.

“It seems strange and yet fitting that my sister and I retire with my father, Jim, from the company he started 43 years ago,” said John Hennessey. “I have had but one job in my life that lasted 31 years and resulted in my whole career. I started by stamping ‘battery not included’ and essentially did or directed every job since. We persevered, resolved, adapted, created, collaborated, supported and stepped aside in awe of the team that is now The Music People. What started as a rejected idea became a family business through years of hard work and wonderful relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.”

“The time is right for us to step aside,” said Sharon Hennessey. “We are proud and appreciative to have had the pleasure of working with the best team in the industry, which is just beginning to hit its stride. Much was accomplished from creating and carrying innovative products — ultimately it is the relationships and the team that feel most significant.”