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Adamson Adds SLS France on Project Energia

French live sound provider SLS has joined Adamson’s Project Energia as a Beta Partner.

New York (November 29, 2011)—French live sound provider SLS has joined Adamson’s Project Energia as a Beta Partner.

SLS’s entire loudspeaker inventory was made up exclusively of Adamson products. With 15 full time personnel and 140 freelancers, its Adamson inventory includes Metrix, SpekTrix, Y10, Y18, SX 18, Point Series and M series monitors.

Though the French sound company is focused mainly on festivals and corporate events, it also tackles tours, its main client since 2007 being the French band ‘Les Ogres Barback’ (often nicknamed The Ogre). The Ogre is currently on tour with SLS’s new Adamson E15 system.

The new E15 system was sold by Adamson’s long-time French distributors DV2. Leon van Empel, SLS’s owner and production manager, noted, “We were very excited to get our hands on the new E15. Thanks to the advancements of Adamson’s exceptional proprietary drivers and fantastic easy-to-use-rigging, the system is demonstrating a precise and smooth coverage with incredible power and extraordinary clarity in every venue so far. But it’s truly no surprise, it is the Adamson signature.”

Brock Adamson, President and CEO of Adamson Systems Engineering stated, “SLS has been a committed Adamson provider in France for years. When we invited our key European partners to preview Energia in its infancy last year, SLS was right at the top of the list. We have no doubt that Leon and his team will be a great addition to the global team of Energia users.”

Adamson Systems Engineering