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Avnu Alliance Milan Advanced Certification Program Debuts

Avnu Alliance is introducing a new Milan Advanced Certification Program.

avnuNew York, NY (October 26, 2021)—Avnu Alliance is introducing a new Milan Advanced Certification Program for testing and certification of Professional Audio Video (AV) end devices for its members. The Milan Advanced Certification Program streamlines certification testing at independent test houses for end devices implementing the Milan network protocol. In addition, the program introduces an enhanced Certification Management System, new pre-certification validation test tools, and global access to test houses around the world.

Milan is a standards-based, user-driven deterministic network protocol for professional media, that ensures devices will work together. To guarantee interoperability amongst Milan devices from various manufacturers, Avnu’s new Milan Advanced Certification Program delivers test plans and scripts that are performed at independent authorized certification labs around the world to ensure compliance with the Milan specifications and to guarantee interoperability with all other Milan-Certified end devices and Avnu-Certified switches in the signal chain, regardless of function or manufacturer.

With this new program, Avnu Alliance also is introducing tools to streamline the certification process for vendors. Avnu has launched a new low-cost validation test tool, the Avnu Express Test Tool, that vendors can use to internally verify device conformance prior to submission for certification testing, providing insights into the product that can be used to optimize product development, increasing the probability of certification success. Vendors can also use the test tool, which bundles test control and test engine software along with a set of hardware equipment, to verify the performance of end devices using Certified modules. Avnu members can purchase floating licenses that allow teams across geographic locations to work using the same tool and the Avnu Express Test Tool will be automatically updated as new test plans become available.

Mediaset Transitions to All-IP Infrastructure

Avnu has launched a new testing portal and Certification Management System (CMS) with simplified and intelligent certification workflows. The new CMS provides Milan members with real-time visibility into the testing process with the introduction of a Debug ID, as well as the ability to track device testing progress and timelines, view results, and manage the public listing and marketing opportunities for newly Certified products.

Avnu member customers and end users also get access to a new Certified product registry with a database and advanced filtering capabilities, making it easier to find devices to design into networked AV systems.

The Milan Advanced Certification program is currently open for submission of Pro Audio end devices that meet Milan specifications. All Milan-Certified devices work with any Avnu-Certified switches. Companies interested in submitting devices for Milan Certification can join Avnu Alliance at the Milan Associate Membership level or manufacturers interested in joining workgroups within Avnu to collaborate with other members and collectively define Milan requirements for the future are welcome to join Avnu Alliance as a Promoter member to ensure their unique development needs are met.