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Live Sound

BCS Brings Audix to Mythics

An Oracle integrator needed to update ceiling mics in multiple rooms.

Virginia Beach, VA (July 11, 2019)—BCS Voice and Data Solutions in Virginia Beach, VA recently updated the conference room audio system at Mythics, an Oracle systems integrator, consulting firm, and managed services provider in the same city, ultimately installing Audix microphones in five conference rooms, four large rooms with classroom seating and the CEO’s conference room.

“Their previous install had beam forming mics hanging from the ceiling and they wouldn’t stay tuned—the quality of sound would drift from their DSP,” said Mike Jones of BCS. “One day it sounds clear and the next day they can’t understand them. In addition to the continual sound quality issues, they did not like the appearance.

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“The client wanted all mics to pick up everything all the time without gating. All mics had to be evenly balanced – able to decipher what three people are saying at the same time, which is hard for any mic to do in a very reflective room like this Overall, the goal from the audio perspective was to give remote participants the feeling they were physically in the room, when up to three people are talking at the same time.”

Jones chose the Audix M70 flush-mount ceiling microphone, due to sound quality and low profile.

In the larger conference rooms, Jones installed four M70s on each side. “The M70 covers the full 360°. The M70 can be aimed and sometimes the client will angle them inwards to catch the room better, but usually they are placed straight up and down.”

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The CEO’s conference room turned out to the be most challenging space. “The only non-reflective surface was the floor.” Jones used an M60 mic on the table, gated as the primary mic, and four M70s mics in the ceiling. He also installed a diffuser to stop airflow moving across the ceiling in the office.

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