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Live Sound

Bose Hits the Floor at the Otto Bar

Portable systems settle in for good at Mexico City club.

Mexico City, Mexico (February 14, 2019)—Reinventing the ‘70s disco vibe with a modern-day twist, the 200-capactiy Otto Bar is a high-end nightspot in Mexico City that recently updated its audio system with a variety of Bose Professional systems, from larger scale flexible array loudspeakers down to the S1 Pro, a model that is more typically used for solo performers instead of a thumping club.

“We needed a sound system that could deliver great fidelity, nice pressure levels and solid bass – something that could make you feel the music,” said Victor Mondragon, partner and booker at Otto Bar. “You can feel [Bose F1] vibrate, but even on higher volume levels you can still talk and listen to other people effortlessly.”

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F1 Model 812 loudspeakers are suspended from the walls close to the ceiling, and musicians or sound engineers can change the coverage pattern and direct it toward the audience, if needed, or point it upward and let the sound waves bounce off and spread evenly across the room. This setup is complemented by four F1 subwoofers placed at audience level to deliver thump as needed.

The DJ booth, meanwhile, uses a number of Bose S1 Pro speakers as monitors, allowing DJs to work without having to completely isolate themselves from the crowd’s cheers with a pair of headphones.

With more than a year under its belt at the current location, Otto Bar is now looking to explore new opportunities/destinations and plans to establish pop-up activations (with audio delivered by Bose portable systems) inside festivals or celebrations in tourist-heavy places like Tulum, Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya.

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