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Brooklyn Tabernacle Updates Audio System

The Brooklyn Tabernacle recently updated its audio system after 20 years, ultimately opting for an EAW ADAPTive System.

Brooklyn TabernacleBrooklyn, NY (November 2, 2020)—The Brooklyn Tabernacle, a multicultural, non-denominational megachurch, recently updated its audio system after 20 years, ultimately going with EAW’s ADAPTive System featuring the Anna Loudspeaker and Otto Subwoofer.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is known for its 270-voice choir, which has recorded three videos, three DVDs and numerous albums, winning five Dove Awards and six GRAMMY Awards. All those voices needed to fill a 3,800-seat sanctuary, placing added emphasis on finding an appropriate system.

Early in the process, veteran FOH engineer Harold Rubens, a friend of Michael Archibald, AV admin at The Brooklyn Tabernacle, recommended the system.  Whatever system was chosen would have to use the venue’s existing hang points. “Our old system was hung from a ground-supported steel beam structure because there is no steel to hang any arrays,” said Archibald. With the new EAW system in place, “Each split array consists of five Annas, with four Ottos in the middle and four Annas below. By being able to utilize the existing hang points, we were able to save a lot of money without compromising on sound quality.”

Hughie’s Adds to EAW Inventory

Due to a very large acoustic space, the room presented some unique design challenges. “We have a massive balcony that has the front row approximately 60 feet from the stage and the back row approximately 160 feet from stage,” said Archibald. “Equally as challenging from a coverage perspective is our under-balcony area, which starts at 60 feet from the stage and goes back to approximately 120 feet back. All the while, the FOH mix position is about 50 feet from the stage in a huge open part of the room.  The EAW ADAPTive cabinets gave us the solution with its steering capabilities and is able to cover all the different spaces with equal coverage and energy with a lot less cabinets then other manufacturers.”

In addition to the EAW speaker upgrade, Brooklyn Tabernacle upgraded the FOH console to a Yamaha PM7 and monitor console to a Yamaha CL5 all being utilized on a Dante network.

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