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Castle Hills Church Adds A&H Systems

Rebuilding after flooding, San Antonio church updates audio with Allen & Heath.

San Antonio, TX (May 29, 2018)—As part of a facility-wide overhaul in the wake of flooding, Castle Hills Church of San Antonio, Texas recently updated its audio system with an Allen & Heath dLive S Class digital mixing system at FOH and an ME-1 personal mixing system at monitors.

Skylark AV of Oklahoma City designed and installed the new AV and lighting package and help them develop a master plan for this project and future expansion.

Shepherding Audio for Lamb’s Chapel

Tim Vencil, Castle Hills technical director, explained, “We had been using a smaller digital mixer, but for the new worship space, we needed more than just a bigger board. I wanted an ‘infrastructure’ that would support our in-ear system, our streaming broadcast and everything else in the room.”

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Ultimately, Vencil chose the dLive S7000 Surface and DM64 MixRack with a DX168 Expander at FOH for the church’s wireless mic system. For its musicians’ in-ear monitors, Castle Hills has 16 Allen & Heath ME-1s with an ME-U Hub.

Vencil uses the dLive’s onboard EQ, reverbs, delays and de-essers. “I’ve been really happy with the built-in effects,” he said. “I’ve found some great reverbs and I love the multi-band compressor. We’re also using the dLive Waves card to run some Waves effects from a MacBook Pro and the latency is really low.”

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