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The Pro Sound News Centerstage Chart for September 2019

Pro Sound News runs down the crews and gear on the top 10 highest-grossing tours of the month.

1 The Rolling Stones | CLAIR GLOBAL Dave Natale (be); Steve Carter (me); Taylor Holden (mse); Tyson Clark (cc); Jo Ravitch, Jim Ragus (se); Thomas Huntington (rec tech); Matt Woolley, Brent Edgerton, Dave Enderle, Falko Knueppel, Jon Brook, Trystan Forbes (tech) HC: Yamaha PM4000; Avid Venue Profile; MC: Midas XL-4000; Avid Venue Profile; HS: Clair i-5, i-5b, P-2; MS: Clair 12AM, R-4, i-5b; IEM: Shure PSM 1000; HA: Crown Macro-Tech; MA: Lab.gruppen; WIRELESS MICS: Shure UR Series; FOH EQUIPMENT: Aphex 612, dbx 903, AlignArray software, iO loudspeaker processors; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: TC Electronic 1128; dbx 160A; SPL Transient Designer 4
2 Paul McCartney | CLAIR GLOBAL Paul “Pab” Boothroyd (be); John “Grubby” Callis (me); Randy Weinholtz (se); Paul “Swanny” Swan (mse); Justin Robinson (RF tech); Sean Baca, Michael Conner, Andrew Kastrinelis, Chris Fulton, James Higgins, Tom Ford (techs) HC: (2) Avid Venue S6L 32D; MC: (2) Midas Heritage 3000; Avid Venue S6L 24D; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, CP-218, P-2; MS: Clair SRM, ML-18, R-4 III; IEM: Shure PSM 600; HA: Lab.gruppen; MA: Crown; MICS: Shure Axient series with Beta 58A capsule, SM91, Beta 98, KSM32, Beta 58A; Radial J48, PZDI; Audix D6, I5, D4; Telefunken M80; Rode NT3; DPA; Avalon U5; FOH EQUIPMENT: dbx 160SL; TC Electronic 6000; Plug-Ins: Sonnox Oxford EQ, Avid Pro compressor, Smack!, ReVibe II, ReVibe I, Mod Delay III; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: XTA GQ600b; Drawmer DS201; Yamaha SPX990
3 Jennifer Lopez | EIGHTH DAY SOUND Stephen Curtin (be); Chris Lee (me); Arno Voortman (se); Dustyn Lewis (ae); Andy Dudash, Howard Chan (tech) HC: DiGiCo SD7; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: d&b audiotechnik J Series; MS: d&b audiotechnik M2, J8, B22; IEM: Shure PSM 1000; HA: d&b audiotechnik; MA: d&b audiotechnik; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure; Heil; AKG; WIRELESS MICS: Shure Axient Digital; FOH EQUIPMENT: Universal Audio Live; Sonic Lab Creamliner
4 Ariana Grande | CLAIR GLOBAL Toby Francis (be); Erik Rodstol (me); Dean Mizzi (cc/se); Cory Harris (ae); James Ellison, Katy Hughes, Benjamin Scanlon, Andrew Black (tech); Jason Zito (pm) HC: Yamaha Rivage PM7; RND Neve 5060 buss mixer; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: Clair CO-12, CO-10, CP-218 Subs; MS: Clair CM14; IEM: Sennheiser EM 2050; HA: Lab.gruppen; MA: Lab.gruppen; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure; Sennheiser; Radial JDI, SW8; WIRELESS MICS: Sennheiser 5000/5235 series; Shure Axient Digital, ULX-D; FOH EQUIPMENT: Tube Tech SMB 2B; Crane Song STC8; Smart Research C-2; RND Shelford Channel; API 2500; RND Portico II MBC
5 Dead & Company | ULTRASOUND Derek Featherstone (be); Lonnie Quinn, Ian Dubois (me); Ethan Chase (mse); Michal Kacunel (cc/foh se); Ross Harris (rec e); Conner Riley, Sam Brodsky (techs) HC: Gamble EX56; Avid S6L (96 Ch. drums) with Pro Tools Ultimate; MC: Avid Venue D-Show (96 Ch.), Venue Profile (96 Ch.); HS: (36) Meyer Sound Leo, (22) 1100-LFC, (16) 700-HP, (36) Lyon, (8) Mica; MS: Meyer Sound MJF-212, MJF-210, 1100-LFC, JM1-P; IEM: Sensaphonics; JH Audio; Future Sonics;  HARDWIRED MICS: Sennheiser 935, 421, 409, 904, 945; Shure KSM144, Beta91, SM57; Neumann KMS104; AKG 460; Telefunken M-80; Radial JD7, SGI, DM1; FOH EQUIPMENT: Analog: Summit DCL-200, TLA-100; Empirical Labs Distressor; TC Electronic M5000, D-Two; Aphex 622 gates; UltraSound DRSE Quad Panners; MOTU 838 mk3; TubeTech LCA-2B; UA 1176 LN; Plug-Ins: McDSP 6050 ultimate comp, AE600 EQ; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: Sennheiser EW300G3; Eventide Octovox plug-in
6 The Dave Matthews Band | ULTRASOUND Tom Lyon (be), Ian Kuhn (me); Joe Lawlor (re); Jeremy Miller (se); Greg Botimer (m tech); Ryan Lewis (tech) HC: Avid Venue S6L-32D; MC: Avid Venue S6L-32D; HS: Meyer Sound Leo, Lyon, LFC-1100, HP-700, CQ-2, Leopard; MS: Meyer Sound MJF-212A, LFC900;  MA: Lab gruppen fp-2400 for Clark TST; IEM: Sensaphonics 3D, 2X; Shure PSM 1000; MICS: Neumann; Sennheiser; AKG; Shure; B&K; DPA; Crown; Electro-Voice; Audio-Technica; Earthworks; Radial JDI, JD7, Duplex; FOH EQUIPMENT: Meyer Sound Galileo, Calisto ; Metric Halo Mobile i/o 2882; Avid Pro Tools 12.6, Apple Mac Pro; Rational Acoustics Smaart 8; Lectrosonics TM4000; MONITOR EQUIPMENT: Apple Mac Pro; Avid Pro Tools 12.6; PWS GX-8
7 Phish | CLAIR GLOBAL Garry Brown (be); Mark “Bruno” Bradley (me); Simon Bauer (se); Chris Holland (m tech); Frank Principato, Tim Banas, Zoe Johnson, Amy Bammarito (techs) HC: Yamaha Rivage PM10; MC: Yamaha PM5D, DSP5D; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, CP-218, CO-10; MS: Clair 12am, MD-18; HA: Clair StakRak with Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; MA: Clair Lab.gruppen 8-mix monitor racks; OTHER: Radial J48, JDI
8 John Mayer | CLAIR GLOBAL Chad Franscoviak (he); Monty Carlo (me—Mayer); Rob Smuder (me—band); Jeff Hargrove (se); Jamie Nelson (mse); James Higgins, Jesse Cole, Gracie Fischely (techs) HC: Avid S6L 32D; MC: DiGiCo SD5; Avid S6L 32D; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, CP-218; MS: Clair CM-22, Cohesion CP-118; IEM: Shure PSM 1000; HA: Lab.gruppen; MA: Lab.gruppen; WIRELESS MICS: Shure UR Series; OTHER: Radial JD7, SGI, J48, JDI, SW8, Hotshot DM1, Hotshot ABo
9 Hugh Jackman | SOLOTECH/SSE HIRE Simon Sayer (he); Seamus Fenton (me); Alexandre Bibeau (cc/se); Ike Zimbel (rf); David Courtney (ae); Mark Cleator, Chris Courtney (techs); Phil Hornung (ats) HC: DiGiCo SD7; MC: DiGiCo SD7; HS: L-Acoustics K2, Kara, X8, 5XT, KS28; IEM: Shure PSM 1000, Sennheiser EM6000; HA: L-Acoustics LA12X
10 Shawn Mendes | CLAIR GLOBAL Tom Wood (he); Michael Flaherty (me); Jeff Wuerth (cc/se); Adam Field (m/rf tech); Sarah Blakey, Edward Peers (PA techs) HC: Avid Venue S6L; MC: Solid State Logic L500; HS: Clair Cohesion CO-12, C0-10; IEM: JH Audio Roxanne; Shure PSM 1000; HA: Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q; HARDWIRED MICS: Shure Beta91A, Beta52, KSM32; Beyerdynamic M 201 TG; Neumann KM 184; Sennheiser e945; AKG C414; WIRELESS MICS: Sennheiser Digital 6000 with MMD 945; FOH EQUIPMENT: SSL Fusion; Waves SoundGrid; Waves Plug-Ins; Sonnox Plug-Ins; Avalon VT-737SP; Bricasti M7; Neumann KH 310 Monitors

Legend: (he) house engineer. (ahe) ass’t house engineer. (be) band’s house engineer. (me) monitor engineer. (ame) ass’t monitoring engineer. (bme) band’s monitor engineer. (se) systems engineer. (ae) ass’t engineer. (tech) technician. (cc) crew chief.

HC: house console. MC: monitor console. HS: house speakers. PMS: personal monitor systems. MS: monitor speakers. HA: house amplifiers. MA: monitor amplifiers.

Top 10 grossing tours according to Billboard. Some tours did not report grosses for all shows; rankings may be affected as a result. Equipment and crew information are provided by the respective sound reinforcement companies.