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HOW Sound

Church’s New Mic Heard but Not Seen

Pastor captured daily with new headset mic.

Dallas, TX (October 31, 2019)—Dr. Robert Jeffress, lead pastor at First Baptist Dallas, recently became one of the first U.S. users of DPA Microphones’ new 6066 Core subminiature headset microphone.

“I chose to upgrade the lead pastor’s microphone to DPA’s 6066 because of its impressively small capsule and redesigned headset — for such an unobtrusive solution, the sound quality is impeccable,” explains the church’s lead audio engineer, Brad Roberts. “The 6066 is completely hidden from close-up HD camera shots and its non-reflective boom further improves the aesthetic, as it does not catch undesirable stage light.”

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With both worldwide TV broadcasts and online streaming, First Baptist’s viewership reaches into the millions of worshippers each week.

The church’s arsenal of more than DPA microphones also includes numerous 4061 omnidirectional microphones for acoustic pianos and violins in the band, a 4098 supercardioid gooseneck microphone at the podium, the 4018VL vocal microphone when a handheld mic is needed and a wide array of 4066 omnidirectional headset microphones in all 12 of its worship venues.

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Roberts uses the headset mics most often during speaking and teaching presentations, baptisms and drama productions, including the church’s annual Christmas concert.

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